Make your workwear last longer

    We really want your MASCOT workwear to be your go-to workwear – the clothes you wear time and time again. Thus it is also important that your workwear is very wear resistant and can stand up to repeated use. It is for that reason that we always choose highly durable fabric types, extra reinforcements and a good fit when developing our products.

    Use and reuse your clothing

    For many years now, it has often been cheaper to buy new consumer products than to mend old ones – everything from toasters to T-shirts. But the world’s resources are running short, and we can help by using our products until they are well and truly worn out. We can also undertake minor repairs, like sewing a button back on, in order to reduce our consumption in the long term.

    The long-term use and reuse of our clothing is central to our future consumption.
    When an item of clothing is worn out or no longer needed, you can help extend its life by sorting it correctly for recycling. Here at MASCOT, we do all in our power to find good methods for the recycling of our textiles.

    If you represent a company with lots of used MASCOT textiles that you would like to reuse as best possible, please get in touch with us.

    Wash and look after your workwear with care

    One way to make your clothes last longer is to wash and look after them in accordance with the instructions.

    Below are some tips you can use as general guidelines:

    • Always follow the washing instructions on the product and never wash at a higher temperature than indicated.
    • Close all zips before washing. That will prevent the teeth on the zips from wearing against the fabric and help make sure that your zips last longer as well.
    • Avoid tumble drying waterproof products as this affects their waterproofness.
    • Wash similar colours together. Pay particular attention to fluorescent colours in garments where visibility equals safety.


    There is naturally also energy to be saved by thinking twice about what really needs washing. Fill your machine, do not set the temperature any higher than necessary and choose an eco-friendly washing programme.