BOA® Fit System

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    The BOA® Fit System gives footwear an excellent fit and a solid foothold. BOA® consists of an adjustable dial, strong lightweight laces and friction-free guides. MASCOT's footwear assortment includes safety shoes, safety boots and safety sandals with BOA® Fit System.

    BOA® is your guarantee of an optimum and stable fit - all day long. The footwear is adjusted using a dial; one gentle lift of the dial instantly releases the laces again. The BOA® Fit System improves blood circulation in the feet by eliminating pressure points in the footwear. This ensures optimum comfort and efficiency at work.

    Benefits of the BOA® Fit System

    BOA® is made from very durable materials, which are tested under extreme conditions, guaranteeing a high performance in all environments. For this reason, both the dial and laces in the BOA® Fit System are under guarantee for the lifetime of the product they are integrated in. The guarantee is only valid if the footwear is in full working order.

    BOA® Fit System – fast and effortless precision fit

    1. Press the dial to activate the system.
    2. Turn the dial to lace the footwear until the perfect fit is achieved. The dial tightens the laces as you turn.
    3. Lift the dial to instantly loosen the laces.

    The Boa Fit System

    The combination of BOA® and MASCOT’s design gives you the best conditions for safety footwear, which fits perfectly and lasts a long time.