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Comfortable safety shoes are some of the most important equipment for those who do physical work while walking or standing. At MASCOT, we have a goal of creating the world’s most comfortable safety footwear that matches your needs.

However, MASCOT’s safety shoes are not just comfortable. First and foremost, safety shoes help you on the job with preventing injuries if something heavy is dropped on your feet, or if you step on a nail. Naturally, they are certified with the right safety features that are required for safety footwear so you are safe from injuries. The safety shoes feature midsoles that prevent sharp objects from penetrating the sole from underneath, and the toe caps on top of the shoes protect your toes if heavy objects are dropped there. Consequently, the safety shoes are either S1P or S3 certified. If you work in wet conditions, you can benefit from choosing the S3 shoes, which are water-repellent. Moreover, the soles are slip resistant so you can stand firm on slippery or uneven ground. MASCOT also produces antistatic safety shoes that are chemical and heat resistant, and what is characteristic of them all is the fact that they are made of durable quality materials that give the products a long service life. In the assortment, you can find safety shoes, safety sandals and safety boots with different closing methods, shock absorbency and the right support needed for hard work. Use the product search to find the safety footwear that matches your needs.