Knitted hats

    A good hat is absolutely essential in the colder months. Here at MASCOT we offer hats in different colours, fits and designs, so you can always be sure to find one that suits your workwear and your personal style.

    Keep warm with our functional knitted hats

    A soft and warm knitted hat keeps the ears, forehead and head warm while you are working outside in the cold. Here at MASCOT you can find a range of different hats to suit your needs. If you are looking for a comfy hat that will keep you warm, we recommend an elastic ribbed knitted hat that fits the shape of your head. The elastic materials make the hat comfortable to wear throughout the entire work day. If you need extra protection in particularly cold periods, then MASCOT also offers hats with a windproof membrane – an excellent quality given that hats are often used in conditions that are not only cold, but very windy as well. If you work at a fast pace in environments with changing temperatures, then it can be a great advantage to have a hat that is moisture wicking. For this reason, MASCOT also offers hats made from a lighter cotton blend and insulating Thermax® material which keeps you warm at the same time as it lets moisture out.

    Match accessories to your workwear

    No matter whether you prefer neutral colours or more prominent ones, you are sure to find hats that suit you in our wide range here at MASCOT. In the sunnier months when it is too warm for knitted hats , you will find a range of comfortable caps at MASCOT that can protect your head from the sun. Regardless which type of headwear you choose, you will be able to safely and comfortably combine it with your other MASCOT products.