MASCOT® SmartStore

    - When ordering workwear is as easy as can be
    MASCOT® SmartStore is not just an ordering system, but also an internal logistics solution.

    MASCOT® SmartStore is a free web shop for ordering workwear and protective gear – ideal for medium-sized to large companies.

    MASCOT® SmartStore

    MASCOT® SmartStore is a user-friendly system that can be used by anyone – even individual employees – any time, anywhere. As a company, you can ensure a consistent look by choosing your own product range for your employees.

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    Smart, error-free ordering

    Is your ordering of new workwear quick, easy and error free? It can be if you order via the MASCOT® SmartStore.

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    For large companies

    MASCOT® SmartStore is the perfect solution for large and medium sized enterprises that regularly order workwear and equipment for their employees. This ordering solution is accessible via the internet at any time of day or night. Login, and in just a few minutes, you’ll have ordered new workwear for yourself or for all your employees.

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    Easy and customised

    Your new workwear – possibly with printed or embroidered logo, name, or the option of additional services - delivered directly to your door. It can come in a personally packed box, either to the company or to a private address - whichever you choose. The ordering system is extremely user friendly. You can even have your distributor add products from other manufacturers in the MASCOT® SmartStore, so you can order all your usual equipment in one place.

    To get started

    Your distributor will take care of all the practicalities and help you get started. Together you can decide on the range you want included and where your logo shall be placed. The system can be adapted exactly for you - with different ranges per department, ordering hierarchy, etc. Save time the next time you order. Contact your distributor and get started right away.

    A MASCOT® SmartStore user explains:

    "The MASCOT® SmartStore is a user friendly platform which allows our employees to order new workwear from a product catalogue that we have made available to them. We can administer our very own MASCOT® SmartStore directly from Marel Århus, with 275 users across seven countries, and we are very satisfied with the system. Ordering and processing new workwear is quick and easy, we can pull up statistics about our employees' purchases, our employees have their workwear delivered to them in individual boxes, and deliveries are, on the whole, problem-free."
    Marel, Denmark