Bib & braces

    Should you want to be sure that your lower back is always covered, then a comfortable pair of bib & braces is the right solution for you. At MASCOT, we know that a wide assortment of different styles of workwear is important. On this page, you will find a number of bib & braces with different functions and fits, so there is definitely one for you. For example, if you have a job that requires a lot of kneeling work, you will find products with kneepad pockets. The kneepad pockets can often be adjusted for the size of the kneepad and for your needs.

    To make sure the straps do not irritate at the shoulders, all products have an elastic insert and adjustment possibilities. In this way, you can adjust your bib & braces to your liking. MASCOT has also made room for tools and your mobile phone with numerous pockets. If you need lots of space, choose a model with bib pocket, front pockets, ruler pocket and thigh pocket.

    In MASCOT’s assortment, you will find products in a wide variety of colours and designs. We can supply single-tone products as well as products in multiple colours. The materials also vary according to the industry or work environment for which the workwear must suit.

    Bib & braces for all weather conditions

    If you have a job that requires lots of work outdoors, it is very important to have the correct clothing. MASCOT offers bib & braces for both cold and warm days, as well as products that are wind and waterproof. At the same time, you will find a number of bib & braces in fluorescent colours with certified reflectors. These products are suitable for work that demands a bit extra in relation to safety and visibility.