MASCOT is a Danish company with a Scandinavian mentality and exports to most of the world. Employees come to work in Denmark, Vietnam, Germany and 12 other countries with the same mission: To develop, produce, market and sell the world's best workwear and safety footwear.

    Our ambitions are big, and therefore high quality is crucial. We aim for Best Practices in all we do. Thus, the corporate culture is characterised by energetic commitment and solution-oriented flexibility that directly benefits our customers. A key part of this strategy is, in fact, the testing and control of methods, products and suppliers. Therefore, we have in recent years, branded ourselves to be TESTED TO WORK - a melodious slogan and a key working strategy.

    This uncompromising attitude to quality is linked to the strategic decision to produce and deliver NOT the cheapest workwear, but the BEST. Our workwear is more than just the product; support, efficient logistics and high delivery reliability are all crucial for our customers. This is what makes MASCOT’s profile different. Our product is also to make it easy to find and purchase the right products.

    Key Info

    • Founded:
    • Headquarters:
      West of Silkeborg, Denmark
    • Own factories in Vietnam:
      Opened in 2008
    • Own factory in Laos:
      Opened in 2013
    • Employees:
    • Products:
      Workwear - Safety clothing - Safety footwear
    • Number of items:
      33 000+
    • Sales:
      Exclusively through distributors
    • Main Industries:
      Construction, crafts, transportation, logistics and industry
    • Credit Rating:
      AAA (highest credit assessment)