Suppliers - Code of Conduct

    All MASCOT Vietnam and MASCOT Laos subcontractors are subject to SA 8000 conditions. This means that subcontractors must be able to show and prove that they do not use child or forced labour, have a good working environment adapted to local conditions, right of association, no discrimination, reasonable working hours and wages and an efficient management system.

    Sewing rooms and production

    Nearly all of MASCOT's products are produced in their own sewing rooms. Apart from MASCOT's own sewing rooms, MASCOT collaborates with external sewing rooms and shoe factories worldwide. MASCOT has exclusive contracts with the major, well-established sewing rooms that use modern machine production and methods. MASCOT employs their own experienced controllers who are responsible for the day-to-day contact between MASCOT Denmark and the various sewing rooms.

    Colours - Material

    Dye houses

    MASCOT works with dye houses abroad. These have all been examined and checked thoroughly before MASCOT has entered into an agreement with them. MASCOT’s representatives visit the dye houses regularly. They are always large and modern factories with professional work ethics. All of the dye houses dye many millions of meters of fabric for MASCOT annually and they must use technically advanced dyeing equipment to be able to live up to MASCOT’s strict colour demands for exact and precise colour nuances. There are also high ethical standards concerning the safety of the working environment for chemicals.


    The majority of MASCOT's suppliers of buttons, zips, sewing thread, reflective tape and fabrics are located in the Far East. Apart from the supplier being selected and assessed for their working conditions, they must also live up to stringent quality demands. When entering into an agreement with, e.g. a supplier of fabrics, a specification of requirements is delivered. This contains a detailed description of the requirements demanded by MASCOT in terms of fabric quality including tensile strength, colour, stability and much more. The fabrics suppliers are also evaluated on the basis of their production equipment, warehouse facilities and communication.