ULTIMATE STRETCH is an elasticated material that is elastic in ALL directions. It is so flexible that you barely notice it on your skin, which helps give you optimum functionality, freedom and flexibility throughout your working day. When you wear clothing made from ULTIMATE STRETCH, you will not feel weighed down by thick, heavy fabrics. On the contrary, you get lightweight workwear with a high wear resistance and excellent freedom of movement. This is quite simply workwear you will not want to take off.

    • Products in ULTIMATE STRETCH.
    • A unique advanced elastic stretch fibre. The fabric returns to its original shape when not being stretched.
    • A chance to achieve ultimate comfort and freedom of movement at work.

    Once stretchy, always stretchy

    ULTIMATE STRETCH feels completely different to work trousers made in a fixed fabric. Work trousers in ULTIMATE STRETCH follows your body into all possible - and even impossible - positions. Whether you are working on your knees, in an unusual position or standing on a ladder, nothing feels tight or bothersome. Thanks to the trousers' soft inner side, you barely notice you are wearing them. And once you have tried the comfort of MASCOT ULTIMATE STRETCH workwear, there is simply no going back.

    Freedom of movement is never restricted with a pair of work trousers in ULTIMATE STRETCH. The pockets are integrated into the design, which means that full consideration has been paid to ensuring a perfect fit and freedom of movement, even when the pockets are full.

    Work trousers that last

    Is ULTIMATE STRETCH durable enough for the trade industry? MASCOT stretch fabric quality 311 is one of the most durable fabrics in the assortment. So there is no need to compromise on features, comfort or design when you buy ULTIMATE STRETCH products. The fabric is tested in a lab to ensure high colour fastness, tear strength and wear resistance. And the end product is tested by your colleagues out in the field, allowing us to optimise features, details and fit.

    Workwear - Man - ULTIMATE STRETCH

    Ideal for outdoor work

    Most of the products in ULTIMATE STRETCH are also ideal for outdoor use as they have a water-repellent finish. So there is no need to pull on extra rain gear when it pours, as the range includes both work trousers and jackets that are water-repellent. The products come in a variety of colours - so all you need to do is pick your favourite.