All products in our assortment are developed based on a vision to provide you with the industry’s best, most durable and most secure workwear. We are one of Europe’s largest manufactures of workwear and safety footwear, and we are always ready to share our knowledge and help you. We do what we can to guide craftsmen, contractors, industry workers and many more professionals to choose just the workwear that fits their profession.

    MASCOT carries a wide assortment of workwear and safety footwear for different industries and work situations. On this page you can read about our ranges, certifications, textile brands and materials. You can also read about how we test our products before, during and after production.


    One range for every industry

    Are you looking for certified safety workwear in fluorescent colours? Do you need safety footwear that stays comfortable through the work day? Or are you looking for workwear that is suited for industrial washing? At MASCOT, we carry a wide selection of workwear, safety workwear and safety footwear, so you can find the equipment that fits you and your profession. Read more about the ranges in the submenu.

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    Certifications - logo

    Certified safety

    We say that our workwear is manufactured from the best thoroughly tested materials, but how can you be sure that the clothes can withstand the environments you work in? All products in MASCOT’s assortment are certified according to different international standards. In the submenu, you can read more about what it means that workwear is certified to withstand cold, rain, heat, UV rays, chemicals or electrical stress. Learn more and find the workwear or safety footwear that fits your needs.

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    Technologies mix - Workwear & Footwear

    The industry’s best textile brands

    The season, temperature, activity level and tasks all have an influence on the materials in which your workwear should be manufactured. At MASCOT, we develop innovative materials that meet different requirements for insulation, weight, function and freedom of movement. We work together with quality conscious textile brands within the industry such as CORDURA®, Kevlar®, TENCEL® and Boa®. Read more about the different textile brands in the submenu.

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    Fabrics - Control of fabrics

    The right materials for all environments

    At MASCOT, we use a number of different materials and fabric qualities. Each of our fabrics is selected to give our products the right properties. A material we are particularly proud of is our fabric quality 311. This fabric quality has four-way stretch. The fabric is extremely flexible, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Fabric quality 311 is among others used in our MASCOT® ADVANCED range. Read more about our most used materials in the submenu.

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    TESTED TO WORK - logo

    Tested before, during and after production

    Tested to work is a part of MASCOT’s entire production and the way we behave. All products are tested before, during and after production. Everything from fabric qualities to sewing and the finished product is tested both in the laboratory and on construction sites all over the world to ensure that the products meet our and your quality demands. Read more about our test centre in the submenu.