Dyneema® is an incredibly strong fibre used in multiple industries that demand extreme strength. Now MASCOT’s newly developed kneepad pockets are added to the list of products that have extraordinary durability with Dyneema®.

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    Dyneema®, a fibre stronger than steel

    Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fibre™, is lightweight and highly durable. Properties that are important in workwear, where comfort is paramount and durable workwear is a matter of course.

    Everything is natural with Dyneema®

    Dyneema® is an ultra strong and lightweight fibre, available in both white and black. The black colour is integrated in the fibre and not simply added as a coating on the surface, where it is most exposed to wear. Materials developed in the black Dyneema® fibre will retain their colour, even after many hours of use.

    A special combination provides extreme durability

    Properties such as stretch, high wear resistance and low weight are particularly important in workwear. Products developed in a fibre that increases freedom of movement while maintaining extraordinarily high durability are preferable in workwear that is used for many hours day after day. The users must be able to trust that their workwear will hold up to their demands. The freedom of movement must not be limited, the material and the functions should not annoy the user, and the product should be able to withstand many hours of work, including kneeling work.

    Dyneema® is a fibre that handles all of these challenges, and this is why it is the material in MASCOT’s new kneepad pockets, developed with a special composition of Dyneema®, CORDURA® and Kevlar® to enhance and raise the durability to a class of its own. Additionally, the new kneepad pockets have been composed with stretch so the user’s movements are never restricted.

    Find MASCOT’s kneepad pockets with the special composition of CORDURA®, Kevlar® and Dyneema® on two different trousers and a 3/4-length trouser in the MASCOT® ADVANCED range.

    Dyneema®’s outstanding properties makes it especially valuable in, for instance:

    • Fishing lines
    • Cut resistant gloves
    • Mooring Ropes
    • Air cargo nets

    And now you can find Dyneema® in some of MASCOT’s kneepad pockets.

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