EN 343

EN 343

MASCOT’s EN 343 certified products protect you from wind and weather. This standard indicates the minimum values for workwear that can be used in all kinds of weather.

When you work outside in all kinds of weather, the workwear must offer the best protection against wind and weather. Workwear that is certified in accordance with EN 343 protects against rain and snow, lets the skin breathe and conducts moisture and sweat away from the body.

EN 343 certified workwear is tested to withstand great hydrostatic pressure and for its ability to conduct sweat away from the body. Workwear that is used in all kinds of weather must not only keep the wearer dry, but also withstand a hard day’s work. Therefore, the material used in EN 343 certified products is also tested on tear strength, among other things. Elasticity is also tested: The product’s various layers are tested for their ability to maintain their fit after repeated use. In other words, EN 343 certified workwear is tested to withstand the challenges it may encounter while working in all kinds of weather.

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EN 343 is a European standard for protective clothing and establishes minimum values of protection from wind and rain. Two values are indicated in the description of the EN 343 standard. The first figure indicates waterproof rating and the second indicates the material’s ability to conduct moisture and sweat away from the body. On both scales, the values range from 1-3, where 3 is the highest class and indicates that the material offers a high level of protection for the wearer.

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MASCOT recommends that you choose workwear that fits your function and work tasks. MASCOT has many products with EN 343 certification so you, apart from protection, can choose according to the features that best suit your needs. To extend the the lifetime of your workwear, store it in a dry, well-ventilated place when not in use. MASCOT recommends that you check your workwear regularly for wear and tear to maintain optimal protection.