Functional underwear

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    Moisture wicking underwear - keeps the body dry

    Blue - brand DNA

    Lightweight and quick-drying underwear

    Moisture wicking underwear - the perfect inner layer. The fabric is quick-drying, which is essential to avoid the body cooling. The fabric is elastic and fits the body's curves.
    Turquis - brand DNA

    Anti-bacterial, anti-static and extremely effective moisture wicking properties

    The combination of polyester and bamboo carbon naturally wicks away moisture, keeping you dry. Bamboo carbon also has anti-bacterial and anti-static properties that are particular beneficial when worn as a base layer.
    Cyan - brand DNA

    Quick drying and extremely moisture-wicking

    COOLMAX® is a market leader in moisture wicking fabrics, and using COOLMAX® makes the underwear extra moisture wicking. COOLMAX® prevents the body from cooling and feeling damp, even during strenuous activity. The moisture is led away to the fabric's outer side and distributed over a wider area and away from the skin to evaporate. Underwear made with COOLMAX® is also easy to wash, soft and quick-drying.

    Insulating and moisture wicking - keeps the body dry and warm

    Yellow - brand DNA

    All-round lightweight underwear

    The underwear is moisture wicking and insulating, so the whole body stays dry and warm no matter what the activity level. The fabric contains polypropylene fibres, which minimise odours in the product. The product is washable at 60˚C and is quick-drying.
    Magenta - brand DNA

    Superb stretch with effective moisture wicking

    COOLMAX® ALL SEASON has unique properties when worn as the innermost layer next to the skin. It is extremely moisture-wicking due to a special structure that quickly distributes the moisture to a wider area and directs it away from the skin. A particular advantage is that the material is insulating when it’s cold and cooling when it’s hot. The fabric fits closely to the body using a special four-way stretch which makes it flexible and extremely comfortable to wear. The fabric is lightweight and dries quickly.

    Extra insulating and moisture wicking underwear - keeps the body dry and warm

    Orange - brand DNA

    COOLMAX® with wool

    The wool ensures that the body stays warm and the specially developed polyester fibres quickly absorb moisture. Choose products that combine COOLMAX® with wool for extra insulation against the cold, and effective moisture wicking.
    Red - brand DNA

    Stay warm and dry when it is cold

    Thermax® was developed by MASCOT and is an extra insulating, triple-layered fabric. Underwear made with Thermax® is extremely heat insulating and designed for use in cool surroundings. The skin always feels dry, as the fabric's inner side is designed to lead moisture away from the body and out to the cotton and modal fibres in the outer layer.