Find the correct size

The right size is crucial for the workwear’s functionality, and for your comfort and safety. In MASCOT’s assortment, many products have a fit that can be used by both men and women. In addition, you will find MASCOT products that are especially designed for women, as well as an assortment for children.

There are various measurements to be made depending on the item of clothing you require. If your measurements do not correspond directly to one size, you should generally move towards the right on the table and pick a larger size.

To find the right size, and get the most accurate measurement, we recommend that someone else measures you. Take the measurements close to the body, and when measuring the waist size, the measuring tape should be wrapped tightly around the body. Also remember to measure your leg length. In most of MASCOT’s trousers, you can choose between three leg lengths.

Try the clothes on! In that way, you are sure that the clothing fits as it should.

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In MASCOT’s assortment you will find products designed especially for women.

The ladies trousers and skirts are available in two different fits. Which fit you should choose depends on your body shape.

The two ladies fits are: Diamond and Pearl. Which one you should choose depends on a combination of your waist and hip measurement. As a general rule, you should choose Pearl fit if there is only a small difference between waist and hip measurements. You should choose the Diamond fit if there is a difference of more than 20 centimetres between waist and hip measurements.

Diamond fit Pearl fit


Look for the symbol next to the product to see if it has a Diamond or Pearl fit.

Remember also to measure the leg length. All MASCOT’s ladies trousers are available in two leg lengths: 76 cm and 82 cm.


In MASCOT’s assortment you will also find products for children. To find the right size, you should, as a rule, choose the size based on the height of the child.


MASCOT’s footwear come in sizes 35-48 and in three different widths: 8, 10 and 11. MASCOT’s sizes are average compared to the usual shoe sizes. If you normally use size 42, then a size 42 is likely to be correct in MASCOT’s footwear. It is recommended that you always try the footwear on before purchase.


Find the right workwear from MASCOT – help to the measurements

  • Take the measurements close to the body.
  • Get someone else to measure you – then you will get the optimum basis for choosing workwear in the right size.
  • The measuring tape should be wrapped tightly around the body, when measuring the waist.
  • The trousers’ length is important – especially if your workwear has knee pockets and functions on the legs.
  • Decide which fit you want your workwear to have – MASCOT’s workwear have different fits, so you have to find the one that suits you.
  • Ask you MASCOT-contact or distributor, if you have questions about choosing the right size or fit.

We will help, if you have any doubts

When we develop new workwear, we have high standards to the workwear’s functions and which standards it has to fill with you. We keep track of certifications and regulations on the workwear we develop. Do you have any questions regarding your size, fit or requirements to the workwear, please contact us and we are happy to help you choose the right workwear from MASCOT.