We offer many tools to our MASCOT distributors. If you would like a talk about our products, the many online solutions or anything else, please contact your local sales representative or one of our colleagues at the head office. If you would like one of our sales representatives to come by your store for a visit or a product presentation, please call us and make an appointment.

Would you like to sell workwear and safety footwear of the highest quality from one of Europe’s leading workwear manufacturers? Then become a MASCOT distributor!

If you have a customer who requires a little extra, you are also very welcome to contact us so we can assist you with service options and the organisation of the assortment.

Tools to increase your online sales

MASCOT® DropShipping - Logo

Offer all MASCOT products in your webshop

Customers with 1+ employees
With MASCOT® DropShipping, you can sell all of MASCOT's products via your own existing web shop. MASCOT takes care of stock management and the shipment of goods to your customers on your behalf. Avoid order processing, save time and expand your opportunities for online sales.

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MASCOT® Webshop

Get a professional online solution with your own webshop

Customers with 1–25 employees
With MASCOT® WebShop, you get your very own web shop offering all MASCOT products. The web shop is provided and maintained by MASCOT, and MASCOT takes care of all stock management and the shipment of goods to your customers on your behalf. You can market the platform yourself and send out oyur own invoices.

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MASCOT® SmartStore

User-friendly administration system for workwear orders

Customers with 10+ employees
In MASCOT® SmartStore, your customers enter their orders themselves, so that you do not have to hassle with gathering orders and sending them to us. You set up the customer in the shop and manage the billing.

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Marketing of MASCOT products in your store

MASCOT® Shop in Shop

Display MASCOT products professionally

View the selection of posters, banners, promotional products and point of sales materials. Order for your store to increase sales!

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MASCOT® MediaPortal - logo

One-stop photo library including videos and logos

Download product images, environment images, logos and much more for use on your website, in promotional materials or on your social media platforms.

MASCOT® MediaPortal

Tools for purchasing, administration and statistics

MASCOT® B2B Shop - logo

Order MASCOT products quickly and easily

Order products with just a few clicks in MASCOT’s online shop, which is developed specially for the MASCOT distributors. Your order is processed and despatched within 24 hours and is delivered as quickly as possible.

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MASCOT® DistributorPortal - logo

Get an overview of all your info, orders and invoices

Use MASCOT’s distributor portal when you want to view your invoices, delivery notes or order confirmations. You can also check the current stock list, find additional attractive offers on discontinued items and much more.

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If you are not already a registered user of our online distributor tools, please contact us, so that you can benefit from the many advantages and shortcuts in your daily life.

MASCOT is an international, family-owned workwear company that develops and produces workwear and safety footwear for a wealth of professionals from trades such as construction, craft, transport, logistics and industry. Our mission is to give your customers the world's best workwear! That is why the ambitions and the commitment are high with us. A crucial part of our strategy is to test and control everything from working methods to the fabrics and the finished products. That is why we call our workwear TESTED TO WORK! We produce the majority of the workwear ourselves in our own CSR certified factories in Vietnam and Laos. In this way, you are guaranteed workwear produced with social responsibility.

As a MASCOT distributor you get:

  • Award-winning products. Choose from more than 700 products of up to 27 colours and the exact size that your customers demand.
  • Effective, user-friendly ordering platforms and service solutions. Flawless and fast.
  • Quick delivery. From a fully automatic logistics centre with more than 5 million products in stock.
  • Freedom to customise your trade with MASCOT as you wish.
  • Own sales representative in your area. An open dialogue and personal contact and support from our team when you need it.
  • Attractive campaigns and sales opportunities.
  • Promotional marketing materials. Catalogues, brochures, posters, magazines and sales promotion delivered to your store for the benefit of your sale.
  • Help with guidance of your customers, supply, etc.

You are always welcome to contact us and learn more about the opportunities of becoming part of our distributor network.