MASCOT® Mobile Showroom

    Does your company use too much time ordering workwear? And is it difficult to find time to visit your local distributor to buy new workwear? Save time and money with a visit from MASCOT’s mobile showroom. Arrange a meeting with MASCOT or your local distributor.

    Many companies have already had a visit from MASCOT’s mobile showroom. Here is what some of them said about the visit.

    MASCOT® Mobile Showroom - Car

    »MASCOT’s mobile showroom visited us in connection with a staff meeting. When the meeting was finished, all employees were measured and had tried the clothes on. It makes it easy to order online on the MASCOT® SmartStore. MASCOT’s mobile showroom is smart, simple and easy.« Bio Supply.

    »It’s brilliant that car comes to us. The selection is wide and there is more to choose from than at the distributors. It was great to try on the clothes right away and to be guided. This saved us both time and money.« Aalborg Universitet.

    »It was great that MASCOT’s mobile showroom came by, as the distributor didn’t have the same selection. During the visit, we could put together an assortment, feel the quality and talk about our needs. It was also a huge advantage that we could have all our employees measured at once.« Selmer Volkswagen.

    »It is a good idea with the showroom car, as it brings both the different sizes and fabric qualities. In this way our employees can try on the clothes right away and we avoid misunderstandings.« Comfort Units.


    MASCOT® Mobile Showroom gives you many advantages

    MASCOT’s mobile showroom visits your company with a workwear expert behind the wheel, and we will find a time that suits your schedule.

    In the mobile showroom you will find a wide assortment of durable and functional workwear and safety footwear. The products are carefully selected for your industry, and the showroom provides an overview of all the possibilities. See, feel and try the clothes and footwear on.

    Hand shake

    Assemble your individual solution

    Together with MASCOT’s workwear expert you can talk about your possibilities and how we’ll find the best solution for your needs and wishes. Including the possibility for logo print and embroidery. We also guide you to the easiest and fastest ordering solution through your local distributor.

    Size Chart

    Get measured on the spot

    When MASCOT’s mobile showroom visits your company, your colleagues can stop by and get measured in a few minutes. We bring all sizes, so everybody will find the correct size right away. In this way, it will be easy for you to complete the order, when you are ready for it.

    Make handling of workwear easy and effective. Book a non-binding time for a visit from MASCOT’s mobile showroom. Contact MASCOT or your local workwear distributor.