Global Workwear Solution

    Simple administration of your global workwear solution.

    Global Workwear Solution

    Save time and money on administration with a global agreement

    Do you run your business activities across borders? At MASCOT, we can simplify your workwear purchasing process and offer one solution for your company – globally.

    Instead of local workwear purchasing solutions at country or department level, you can reap the benefits of a large-scale operation. In this way, you can minimise administration time by having a global agreement for uniform service and ordering solutions across the organisation. In addition, you ensure the consistency of your corporate identity globally through a common product assortment.

    At MASCOT, you’ll have one central contact with both expertise and industry knowledge, who manages the global agreement with you. This ensures that all aspects of the process, from the initial guidance to ordering, delivery, reordering and service solutions, have been handled.

    At the same time, you have the opportunity to work locally. MASCOT has our own sales representatives in 20+ European countries and an extensive network of distributors across Europe and other continents. You get a streamlined global agreement adapted to local conditions and relations.

    Exclusive concept for multinational companies

    MASCOT offers a seamless workwear solution for multinational companies, across borders. If your company employs more than 1,000 workwear users internationally, you’ll get all the benefits of having only one contact point at MASCOT.

    MASCOT manages your global workwear solution

    • Fast, flawless worldwide delivery - with minimal administration
    • Worldwide central project management - with one contact point
    • A distribution network across Europe as well as resellers around the globe
    • Uniformity in quality, products and services

    Contact MASCOT’s Global Key Account team, who are dedicated to taking care of large multinational customers.