Individual product customisation

    More than a standard assortment at your disposal

    Individual design

    Do you have a large company with individual needs that aren’t covered by MASCOT’s standard assortment? Then you have the possibility for a customised MASCOT solution for your employees. You might need special sizes, an extra pocket for certain tools, or another fabric or colour. Or maybe you need one or more new product types or styles. Everything is possible, and our experts are at your disposal, so together, we will find the solution that suits you best.

    Individual fitting

    At MASCOT, we categorise the many types of individual product customisations in terms of how extensive the changes are. For certain special order products, we have a minimum number of products you need to order, and the delivery time is of course also longer than with our standard assortment. This is agreed individually from order to order.

    Individual products

    Do you need special orders or other individual customisations? Call your contact from MASCOT or your distributor. He/she can help you get just the workwear to match your needs.