MASCOT and the global goals

    The vast majority of MASCOT's products is produced in the company's own factories, where production is conducted efficiently and with great respect for the environment and people.

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    The 17 global goals

    The UN has formulated 17 global goals for sustainable development, which it expects all countries, companies and organisations to meet by 2030. The 17 global goals are common points of orientation, so that all players can realise the global need for business solutions that can help create a sustainable future for the generations to come.

    MASCOT works with all of the 17 global goals at different levels, and we will continue to develop and intensify our work in this area towards 2030. As part of our workwear production, we want to help eliminate poverty and hunger, ensure health and education for all, and provide decent jobs, among other things.

    MASCOT takes its responsibility for the environment and people seriously

    MASCOT strives to create sustainable solutions throughout the entire production chain. As a global textiles company, we have an enormous responsibility to safeguard the people and the environment at our production sites and throughout the rest of our supply chain. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

    The 17 sustainability goals describe a number of global challenges. These commit all UN member countries to strive towards achieving the goals. The global goals are interdependent and balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: economical, social and environmental development.