Electric arc tested clothing

    In situations where there is a risk of exposure to electric arcs, it is necessary to wear electric arc tested workwear and safety workwear. Here at MASCOT, you will find safety workwear that is certified in accordance with the norm IEC 61482-2 which offers protection against short-term exposure to electric arcs.

    EN 61482-2

    Multi-protective workwear for maximum safety

    If you are looking for electric arc tested workwear , then here at MASCOT you will find a range of jackets, boilersuits, bib & brace overalls and work trousers in both traditional and fluorescent colours. Electric arc tested workwear protects you against flames and radiation that are produced in connection with an electric arc explosion. MASCOT's IEC 61482-2-certified workwear is part of our range of multi-protective safety workwear which, in addition to being electric arc tested, also protects you against heat, flames, static electricity and chemicals. The products in this range are manufactured in unique fabric qualities and have special seams and pockets which make it very difficult for sparks, flames and splashes from dangerous liquids to find their way to your skin.

    Adapt the safety workwear to your risk level

    MASCOT's assortment of electric arc tested workwear is tested using test method two, box test. The clothing is tested against a direct electric arc in a restricted area. This means that the products are not tested for longer periods of exposure in high risk areas. MASCOT's assortment of electric arc tested workwear and safety workwear are great for anyone who works as an electrician, in industry or with the inspection of switchboards, voltage systems or distribution boards. If you work in environments where you are at a high risk of being exposed to electric arcs for longer periods, we recommend that you make use of additional protection. We recommend that you always wear electric arc tested workwear that covers the entire body, such as a boilersuit or a combination of trousers and jacket. You can complement your workwear with other items of protective equipment such as helmets, gloves and safety footwear that is approved for your risk level.