Children's bib & braces

    The Bib & Brace for children from MASCOT is ideal for children who want to look just like Mum and Dad. Many men and women wear a Bib & Brace as their workwear and children often want to dress up just like their Mum or Dad. The Bib & Brace for children covers the lower back and therefore keeps out the cold when playing outdoors. If you're enjoying a family day in the garden, everyone can benefit from a Bib & Brace from MASCOT.

    Alternative to snowsuit

    When it's not quite cold enough for a snowsuit but there's still a chill in the air, a Bib & Brace for children is often a great alternative to snowsuits in the spring and autumn seasons. Bib & Brace for children has also become popular for indoor use, and can easily be worn together with a MASCOT jumper.

    Designed for little tradespeople

    MASCOT's bib & brace for children is ergonomically designed to provide comfort and freedom of movement. bib & brace overalls for children comes with short straps made from a highly elastic material and a practical, adjustable lining. The popular ultimate stretch fabric is lightweight with a water-repellent finish, which is highly suited to children who enjoy outdoor activities. Our bib & brace overalls come in different colours, allowing you to create different looks and giving your children the chance to play at being a tradesperson. Just like the bib & brace worn by professional tradespeople, the bib & brace for children comes with extra reinforcements on the knees so that the kids can crawl around and play on the floor or other outdoor surfaces. The practical pockets can be used to store toy tools or a quick snack. MASCOT's bib & brace for children also includes reflectors to help keep children visible after dark.