Face masks

    There are many different types and qualities of face masks. MASCOT offers disposable CE-marked, 3-ply face masks. MASCOT's face masks are medically approved according to EN 14683, Type IIR. The face masks protect against the inhalation and spread of viruses and other airborne bacteria. The face masks are highly breathable and skin-friendly, ensuring optimum comfort for longer periods of wear.

    MASCOT® COMPLETE Face masks 20950-921

    What does type IIR mean?

    There are three types of face masks (Types I, II and IIR). Type IIR is the most protective as it also protects against liquid droplets. This means that unlike type I and II, you are also protected from minute particles in the air, emitted through e.g. talking, sneezing and coughing. Type IIR also protects your surroundings.

    Why use a face mask?

    Face masks have become a major part of everyday life in all job areas. It is effective personal protective gear for protecting yourself and others from bacteria and viruses - both in and out of working hours.

    The correct way to wear a face mask

    1. Wash hands thoroughly.
    2. Holding the ear loops place the mask in front of your face with the metal bar at the top, so that the outside folds face downwards.
    3. Place the ear loops over your ears
    4. Adjust the mask, ensuring it is pinched at the nose and closely covering your chin and cheeks
    5. Handling only the ear loops and not the fabric part itself, throw out the mask immediately after use.

    The correct way to wear a face mask

    Intended use: Prevention towards the spread of infectious breath, coughing and sneezing. Protection against inhalation of airborne particles such as dust, pollen and transmissible bacteria and viruses.

    Warning: Check that the packaging is sealed before use. Children may only use the mask with the help of an adult.

    Face Mask - Detail


    MASCOT's disposable face masks have a shelf-life of two years from date of manufacture. The face mask should be replaced after up to four hours of wear and whenever it gets wet or dirty. Store in a dry place and out of direct sunlight.