Do you work in an airport? MASCOT offers a wealth of products for this industry. MASCOT has a wide selection of safety clothing, with products in three different hi-vis colours: yellow, orange and red. Working in an airport demands optimum freedom of movement and maximum visibility from your clothing, and we provide workwear that will match precisely those needs.

Hi-vis Bib & Brace & Jumper - Airport worker - MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE

Maximum freedom of movement

MASCOT's assortment of workwear for aviation includes products in ULTIMATE STRETCH. This feature gives you maximum freedom of movement in your work. Whether you transport baggage, work in the arrivals hall or marshall planes on the runway, it is essential you have the freedom to move. This is exactly what you get from work trousers in ULTIMATE STRETCH. They feel neither tight nor annoying when you bend down or work in a kneeling position.

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High visibility

Visibility is crucial in the aviation industry. if you work on the runway, for example, then visibility is an absolute requirement. MASCOT's workwear is split into different safety classes, which you can choose from depending on how visible you need to be.

Airport worker - MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE Workwear - Fluorescent red

Workwear whatever your job function

If you work in the Duty Free shop or in the arrivals hall, comfort and freedom of movement are particularly important to you. MASCOT offers a wide range of workwear with a presentable look, ideal for anyone in a customer-facing role. The products are available in a wide choice of colours, as well as neutral shades, making it easy to profile the company's image across different job functions within aviation.

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