06619-135-010 Boilersuit with kneepad pockets - dark navy
06619-135-010 Boilersuit with kneepad pockets - dark navy
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06619-135-010 Boilersuit with kneepad pockets - dark navy
MASCOT® MULTISAFE Boilersuit - Model

06619-135 Boilersuit with kneepad pockets

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Size 82C44
Weight 162 Kg
Volume 56 L
EAN 5707209604606570720960460657072094869435707209486684
Size 82C46
Weight 166 Kg
Volume 58 L
EAN 5707209604620570720960462057072094869675707209486707
Size 82C48
Weight 168 Kg
Volume 609 L
EAN 5707209604644570720960464457072094869815707209486721
Size 82C50
Weight 17 Kg
Volume 625 L
EAN 5707209604668570720960466857072094870015707209486745
Size 82C52
Weight 174 Kg
Volume 63 L
EAN 5707209604682570720960468257072094870255707209486769
Size 82C54
Weight 177 Kg
Volume 63 L
EAN 5707209604705570720960470557072094870495707209486783
Size 82C56
Weight 179 Kg
Volume 651 L
EAN 5707209604729570720960472957072094870635707209486806
Size 82C58
Weight 184 Kg
Volume 66 L
EAN 5707209604743570720960474357072094870875707209486820
Size 82C60
Weight 189 Kg
Volume 682 L
EAN 5707209604767570720960476757072094871005707209486844
Size 82C62
Weight 191 Kg
Volume 70 L
EAN 5707209604781570720960478157072094871245707209486868
Size 82C64
Weight 196 Kg
Volume 72 L
EAN 5707209604804570720960480457072094871485707209486882
Size 82C66
Weight 201 Kg
Volume 74 L
EAN 5707209604828570720960482857072094871625707209486905
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Product Information

  • Triple Seams Triple Seams
    Triple stitched seams are your guarantee for high wear resistance. MASCOT places them on your clothes most exposed areas, such as the shoulders and the outside and inside of the leg, prolonging the wearability of your clothing.
  • Kneepad pockets Kneepad pockets
    If you already use kneepads, then you know how important comfort is in your workday. MASCOT’s kneepad pocket design ensures that the kneepads sit perfectly every time you kneel.
  • Anti-static, acid-resistant and flame-retardant PyroPro®.
  • Durable triple stitched seams that extend the product life.
  • Fastening with storm flap and hidden press studs, so as not to scratch the surroundings.
  • Adjustable kneepad pockets so kneepads can be optimally placed on the knee.
  • Seams face downwards so sparks can not get lodged in them.

87% cotton/12% polyamide/1% carbon fibre

320 g/m²

  • Warm wash, max. 60° C - Laundry Symbol Warm wash, max. 60° C
  • Do not bleach - Laundry Symbol Do not bleach
  • Tumble-dry - initial temperature max. 60° C - Laundry Symbol Tumble-dry - initial temperature max. 60° C
  • Iron at moderate temperature, max. 150° C - Laundry Symbol Iron at moderate temperature, max. 150° C
  • Normal dry cleaning - Laundry Symbol Normal dry cleaning

Canvas structure.Up to 7% shrinkage by 5x industrial washes (ISO 15797) and up to 5% by domestic washes. Wash separately. Important: Fluorcarbon must be applied after each wash to reactivate acid resistance.

Industrial care category B2
  • Description

    Domestic process.

  • Pro Label


  • Wash process

    Wash according to ISO 6330. Wash together with like colours/textiles.

  • Wash temperature

    Machine wash max 60ºC.

  • Wash chemistry

    Comply to chemical suppliers recommendations for specific textile categories. Avoid use of bleaching agents on coloured textiles. Avoid use of softeners.

  • Reflective garments

    pH: Max pH 10, max alkalinity 650 mg/l. Do not use: Alkali boosters, optical brighteners, bleaching agents, detergents that contain free sodium or potassium hydroxide, solvenated surfectants. Avoid use of softeners. Max 20 min. in main wash bath.

  • Disinfection

    Clarify between local legislation and chemical supplier.

  • Drying process

    Tumble dry: Max outlet / exhaust temp 60ºC, use cool down.

  • Zippers

    Close any zippers before washing.

  • PyroPro® PyroPro® is MASCOT’s anti-static, acid resistant and flame retardant fabric used in the MASCOT® MULTISAFE range. The fabric gets its flame retardant properties from a chemical surface treatment. The fabric also protects against arcs and occasional welding. Products in this fabric are approved according to EN ISO 11612 (A1, B1, C1, E1), EN ISO 14116 (index 3/50x75° C), EN 1149-3, EN 1149-5, ENV 50354/EN 61482-1-2 (class 1), EN ISO 11611 and EN 13034.

Anti-static, acid-protective and flame retardent PyroPro®. Protects from electric arcs and occasional welding arcs. Triple stitched seams on sleeves, leg and crotch. High collar with press studs. Fastening with hidden press studs. Fly with zip. Chest pockets with flap and hidden press studs. Front pockets. Back pockets with flap and hidden press studs. Elastic in the back. Thigh pocket with flap and hidden press studs. Ruler pocket. Adjustable knee pad pockets with flap and top access. Ventilation under sleeves. Cuffs with press studs. Seams face downward so sparks can not get lodged in. Contrast stitching.

  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Oeko-Tex standard 100 - Confidence in textiles. Tested for harmful substances.
  • EN ISO 11612 Protective clothing - Clothing to protect against heat and flame (ISO/FDIS 11612:2008).
  • EN ISO 14116 Protective clothing - Protection against heat and flame - Limited flame spread materials, material assemblies and clothing.
  • EN 1149-3:2004 This standard describes the breakdown of electrostatic charges from materials clothing.
  • EN 1149-5:2008 This standard describes the requirements for materials and construction of electrostatic dissipative protective clothing, which is used as part of a basic system to prevent incendiary discharges.
  • EN 61482-1 Live working - Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc - Part 1-1: Test methods - Method 1: Determination of the arc rating (ATPV or EBT50) of flame resistant materials for clothing.
  • EN ISO 11611 - class 1 Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes.
    Class 1:RHTI 24≥7s
    Class 2:RHTI 24≥16s
  • EN 13034 Protective clothing against liquid chemicals - Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals.
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
  • EN ISO 11612
  • EN ISO 14116
  • EN 1149-3:2004
  • EN 1149-5:2008
  • EN 61482-1
  • EN ISO 11611 - class 1
  • EN 13034
  • Men Man
  • Women Woman
  • Craftmen and light building Craftmen and light building
  • Industry Industry

No liability accepted for product alterations.

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