Press Releases 2012

Safety starts with an "S" but begins with "U"

Boilersuits were first worn by workers maintaining coal-fired boilers; a one-piece suit that avoided the potential problem of loosened soot entering the lower half of one's clothing.
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Quilt is purpose built

Do you work in cool environments or in situations where hygiene is important?
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Housemates of the 2012 Series of Big Brother haven’t gone crazy but they have been confined to a white padded room recently.
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Don't become a statistic

In the UK, In 2010/2011 over 14 thousand ankle and foot related injuries were reported. 115379 other injuries to employees were noted. 26.4 million days were lost overall, costing society billion of pounds.*
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No spills, no slips, no hospital trips

Selecting safety footwear according to the specific requirements of your job is of utmost importance, in order to ensure that your footwear offers you adequate protection.
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Durable work clothes for the industry

Quality and comfort in an industry range that meets the needs of laundries.

A survey by the European Textile Services Association reported that companies expect quality, protection from risks and comfort from their Workwear.
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Can you tear a pair of MASCOT trousers?

On the 10th of May 2012, our Australian distributor held a contest where manpower (and woman power!) was put to the test.
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Sure-footed for summer

The calendar says spring, but summer and the warm weather will soon be upon us. Be ready with safety sandals from MASCOT, offering both comfort and safety whilst allowing your feet to breath.
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MASCOT® ROCKS Keeps rocking the world

MASCOT is thrilled to announce a second win for MASCOT® ROCKS.
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MASCOT® ROCKS is Highly Commended as Best Stock Design for Workwear

MASCOT, amongst 100 other entries of workwear, from 15 countries was thrilled to be Highly Commended at the PROFESIONAL CLOTHING AWARDS for “Best Stock Design for Workwear”, an international recognition of hard work and innovation.
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Workwear trousers like never before seen

Masculine and tough. Good fitting in new durable material. A casual style that meets a modern universe. These key phrases are characteristic of the trousers in MASCOT’s line MASCOT® ROCKS, which are made from the unique material Tencel®.
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Take a walk on the wild side in MASCOT’s new safety shoes

Your friends may notice your cool new sneakers and your boss may well complain that you have left your safety shoes at home. But the reality is, you can have safety wear and sneakers in one!
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Fashionable clothing with badges and print

MASCOT® CROSSOVER is a brand new range encompassing fashionable new and popular shirts from MASCOT’s existing lines. There is something for everyone, especially for those who want to follow fashion and stand out in a crowd.
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Tested to Work verified

At MASCOT, we are very interested in living up to our slogan TESTED TO WORK.
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Lumber shirts for the hardworking man

Lumber shirts have found their way onto store shelves amongst workwear. A shirt with a long history and attitude.
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Say goodbye to tired feet after a hard day at work

Be comfortable in your safety shoes – all day long. Comfort and flexibility are the most important features for 3 new pairs of MASCOT Safety shoes.
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