15569-860-14010 Bib & Brace with kneepad pockets - hi-vis orange/dark navy
15569-860-14010 Bib & Brace with kneepad pockets - hi-vis orange/dark navy
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15569-860-14010 Bib & Brace with kneepad pockets - hi-vis orange/dark navy
Fluorescent yellow, Fluorescent orange & Fluorescent red - Workwear - MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME

15569-860 Bib & Brace with kneepad pockets

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Size 76C46
Weight 1.260 Kg
Volume 5.750 L
EAN 571107427942557110742818245711074280025571107428062957110742812205711074282425
Size 76C48
Weight 1.280 Kg
Volume 5.750 L
EAN 571107427944957110742818485711074280049571107428064357110742812445711074282449
Size 76C50
Weight 1.300 Kg
Volume 6.140 L
EAN 571107427946357110742818625711074280063571107428066757110742812685711074282463
Size 76C52
Weight 1.320 Kg
Volume 6.140 L
EAN 571107427948757110742818865711074280087571107428068157110742812825711074282487
Size 76C54
Weight 1.340 Kg
Volume 6.340 L
EAN 571107427950057110742819095711074280100571107428070457110742813055711074282500
Size 76C56
Weight 1.360 Kg
Volume 6.500 L
EAN 571107427952457110742819235711074280124571107428072857110742813295711074282524
Size 76C58
Weight 1.380 Kg
Volume 6.770 L
EAN 571107427954857110742819475711074280148571107428074257110742813435711074282548
Size 82C44
Weight 1.260 Kg
Volume 5.900 L
EAN 571107427956257110742819615711074280162571107428076657110742813675711074282562
Size 82C46
Weight 1.280 Kg
Volume 5.900 L
EAN 571107427958657110742819855711074280186571107428078057110742813815711074282586
Size 82C48
Weight 1.320 Kg
Volume 6.300 L
EAN 571107427960957110742820055711074280209571107428080357110742814045711074282609
Size 82C50
Weight 1.340 Kg
Volume 6.300 L
EAN 571107427962357110742820295711074280223571107428082757110742814285711074282623
Size 82C52
Weight 1.360 Kg
Volume 6.500 L
EAN 571107427964757110742820435711074280247571107428084157110742814425711074282647
Size 82C54
Weight 1.380 Kg
Volume 6.500 L
EAN 571107427966157110742820675711074280261571107428086557110742814665711074282661
Size 82C56
Weight 1.400 Kg
Volume 6.900 L
EAN 571107427968557110742820815711074280285571107428088957110742814805711074282685
Size 82C58
Weight 1.440 Kg
Volume 6.900 L
EAN 571107427970857110742821045711074280308571107428090257110742815035711074282708
Size 82C60
Weight 1.440 Kg
Volume 7.000 L
EAN 571107427972257110742821285711074280322571107428092657110742815275711074282722
Size 82C62
Weight 1.460 Kg
Volume 7.000 L
EAN 571107427974657110742821425711074280346571107428094057110742815415711074282746
Size 82C64
Weight 1.480 Kg
Volume 7.280 L
EAN 571107427976057110742821665711074280360571107428096457110742815655711074282760
Size 82C66
Weight 1.500 Kg
Volume 7.280 L
EAN 571107427978457110742821805711074280384571107428098857110742815895711074282784
Size 82C68
Weight 1.520 Kg
Volume 7.380 L
EAN 571107427980757110742822035711074280407571107428100857110742816025711074282807
Size 90C46
Weight 1.320 Kg
Volume 5.840 L
EAN 571107427982157110742822275711074280421571107428102257110742816265711074282821
Size 90C48
Weight 1.340 Kg
Volume 6.000 L
EAN 571107427984557110742822415711074280445571107428104657110742816405711074282845
Size 90C50
Weight 1.380 Kg
Volume 6.460 L
EAN 571107427986957110742822655711074280469571107428106057110742816645711074282869
Size 90C52
Weight 1.400 Kg
Volume 6.460 L
EAN 571107427988357110742822895711074280483571107428108457110742816885711074282883
Size 90C54
Weight 1.420 Kg
Volume 6.770 L
EAN 571107427990657110742823025711074280506571107428110757110742817015711074282906
Size 90C56
Weight 1.440 Kg
Volume 7.000 L
EAN 571107427992057110742823265711074280520571107428112157110742817255711074282920
Size 90C58
Weight 1.460 Kg
Volume 7.280 L
EAN 571107427994457110742823405711074280544571107428114557110742817495711074282944
Size 90C60
Weight 1.480 Kg
Volume 7.380 L
EAN 571107427996857110742823645711074280568571107428116957110742817635711074282968
Size 90C62
Weight 1.500 Kg
Volume 7.380 L
EAN 571107427998257110742823885711074280582571107428118357110742817875711074282982
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Product Information

  • Stain resistant Stain resistant
    Your fluorescent clothing keeps you visible, but it must be kept clean to be seen, which is not always easy. MASCOT helps to keep your clothing dirt free with a stain-resistant treatment. When your clothes are stain resistant, you will be more visible and therefore safer for longer.
  • Triple Seams Triple Seams
    Triple stitched seams are your guarantee for high wear resistance. MASCOT places them on your clothes most exposed areas, such as the shoulders and the outside and inside of the leg, prolonging the wearability of your clothing.
  • Ergonomic fit Ergonomic fit
    All of MASCOT's clothes are, of course, designed for movement. But if you have a particular need for clothing that supports, assists and just plain fits, in all body positions, then go for the ergonomic fit.
  • Magnet Magnet
    Magnets allow for the easy closure of, e.g. breast pockets or for retaining screws and bits in hanging pockets. People with pacemakers or an ICD should not use products fitted with magnets. Magnetically sensitive items should also be kept well away from magnets.
  • Kneepad pockets Kneepad pockets
    If you already use kneepads, then you know how important comfort is in your workday. MASCOT’s kneepad pocket design ensures that the kneepads sit perfectly every time you kneel.
  • Durable triple stitched seams on leg and crotch extend product life.
  • Teflon® finish makes the product dirt resistant and ensures high visibility.
  • Can easily be extended by 3 cm by releasing the red stitching on the inside.
  • Kneepad pockets of durable CORDURA® which can be entered from above - closure with hook and loop fastening for easy release, should they get caught on something .
  • The dark contrast is placed where the clothing is most exposed to dirt.

65% polyester/35% cotton

290 g/m²

  • Warm wash, max. 60° C - Laundry Symbol Warm wash, max. 60° C
  • Do not bleach - Laundry Symbol Do not bleach
  • Tumble-dry - initial temperature max. 80° C - Laundry Symbol Tumble-dry - initial temperature max. 80° C
  • Iron at low temperature, max. 110° C - Laundry Symbol Iron at low temperature, max. 110° C
  • Normal dry cleaning - Laundry Symbol Normal dry cleaning

Twill.Do not soak.Wash separately.The product will retain its qualities for a maximum of 75 domestic washes or a maximum of 50 industrial washes.The dirt-repellent Teflon® finish is reactivated by tumble drying according to the washing instructions.

Industrial care category A2
  • Description

    Industrial washing process for safety workwear and two-tone workwear.

  • Pro Label

    Yes - if handled according to these care instructions.

  • Wash process

    Wash according to ISO 15797 - 8A or 8B covering industrial wash. Wash separately.

  • Wash temperature

    Max 75ºC.

  • Wash chemistry

    Refer to info on reflective garments below.

  • Reflective garments

    pH: Max pH 10, max alkalinity 650 mg/l. Do not use: Alkali boosters, optical brighteners, bleaching agents, detergents that contain free sodium or potassium hydroxide, solvenated surfectants. Avoid use of softeners. Max 20 min. in main wash bath.

  • Disinfection

    Clarify between local legislation and chemical supplier.

  • Drying process

    Tumble dry (ISO 15797 8A): Max outlet / exhaust temp 90ºC, use cool down. And / or Tunnel dry: (ISO 15797 8B) Max incoming air temp 155/160ºC. Cycle time: balanced to meet residual moisture content of +3%.

  • Zippers

    Close any zippers before washing.

  • Teflon® Teflon® is used in many of MASCOT’s fluorescent products. Teflon® is a protecting treatment that penetrates into the fibres and repels most water and oil based liquids. Fluorescent workwear that is dirt repellent is more visible in the surroundings. Since your visibility is crucial for safety at work, Teflon® is a great invention for those who work in or near traffic or machinery.

Fluorescent and with reflective tapes. Two-toned. Teflon® makes the product dirt resistant. Triple stitched seams at leg and crotch. Ergonomically formed trouser leg. Adjustable straps in short, strong elastic with plastic buckles. Braces can be stored away behind the bib using small straps. Large bib pocket with pen opening,phone pocket with zip and flap with hidden press studs. Adjustable waist. Belt loops. Fly with zip. D-ring. Front pockets. Back pockets with reinforcement, flap and hidden press studs. Adjustable hammer loop. Reinforced thigh pocket with additional pockets; an inner phone pocket as well as an external phone pocket with flap and magnetic closure. Ruler pocket with CORDURA® reinforced opening. Kneepad pockets in durable CORDURA® (500 D) with flap and top access. Vertical reflexes on the side of the legs for better safety. Each standard leg length can be lengthened by 3 cm by releasing the internal red stitches.

  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Oeko-Tex standard 100 - Confidence in textiles. Tested for harmful substances.
  • EN ISO 20471 - class 2 High-visibility warning clothing for professional use
    X: Indicates product’s overall class, depending on the area of the fluorescent fabric and the area of reflective tape.
  • Hi-Vis Group Y Hi-vis Group Y
  • UV Standard 801 The standard for protection against UV rays. The standard specifies how well the workwear provides user protection from the sun's UV rays. A protection factor of 80 is the highest a material can achieve in the test.
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
  • EN ISO 20471 - class 2
  • Hi-Vis Group Y
  • UV Standard 801
  • Men Man
  • Women Woman
  • Craftmen and light building Craftmen and light building
  • Industry Industry

No liability accepted for product alterations.

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