15759-330-010 Warehouse Coat - dark navy
15759-330-010 Warehouse Coat - dark navy
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15759-330-010 Warehouse Coat - dark navy
Warehouse Coat & Jeans - Model - MASCOT® LIGHT
Warehouse Coat - MASCOT® LIGHT - Environment

15759-330 Warehouse Coat

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Size S
Weight 0.650 Kg
Volume 2.390 L
EAN 571107433704057110743372005711074337361
Size M
Weight 0.660 Kg
Volume 2.430 L
EAN 571107433702657110743371875711074337347
Size L
Weight 0.680 Kg
Volume 2.430 L
EAN 571107433700257110743371635711074337323
Size XL
Weight 0.710 Kg
Volume 2.520 L
EAN 571107433708857110743372485711074337408
Size 2XL
Weight 0.740 Kg
Volume 2.870 L
EAN 571107433694457110743371015711074337262
Size 3XL
Weight 0.770 Kg
Volume 3.020 L
EAN 571107433696857110743371255711074337286
Size 4XL
Weight 0.810 Kg
Volume 3.170 L
EAN 571107433698257110743371495711074337309
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Product Information

  • Lightweight Lightweight
    The symbol indicates that the workwear is light in weight. The garment remains highly durable. You should choose products carrying this symbol if you want durable workwear in a light fabric, for example if you work indoors and/or in hot environments.
  • Fastening with storm flap and hidden press studs, so as not to scratch the surroundings.
  • Slits at the sides.
  • Pleat in the back for greater freedom of movement.
  • Ergonomically shaped sleeves are designed to follow the arms' natural movements.
  • Slits in the sleeves allow you to easily roll them up.

65% polyester/35% cotton

245 g/m²

  • Warm wash, max. 60° C - Laundry Symbol Warm wash, max. 60° C
  • Do not bleach - Laundry Symbol Do not bleach
  • Tumble-dry - initial temperature max. 80° C - Laundry Symbol Tumble-dry - initial temperature max. 80° C
  • Iron at moderate temperature, max. 150° C - Laundry Symbol Iron at moderate temperature, max. 150° C
  • Normal dry cleaning - Laundry Symbol Normal dry cleaning

Twill.Shrinkage 1-2%.

Industrial care category A1
  • Description

    Industrial washing process for workwear.

  • Pro Label

    Yes - if handled according to these care instructions.

  • Wash process

    Wash according to ISO 15797 - 8A or 8B covering industrial wash. Wash together with like colours.

  • Wash temperature

    Max 75ºC.

  • Wash chemistry

    Normal industrial wash program. Avoid use of bleaching agents on coloured textiles. Avoid use of softeners.

  • Disinfection

    Clarify between local legislation and chemical supplier.

  • Drying process

    Tumble dry (ISO 15797 8A): Max outlet / exhaust temp 90ºC, use cool down. And / or Tunnel dry: (ISO 15797 8B) Max incoming air temp 155/160ºC. Cycle time: balanced to meet residual moisture content of +3%.

  • Zippers

    Close any zippers before washing.

Light fabric. Fastening with hidden press studs. Chest pockets. Front pockets. Inner pocket. Pleat in back. Slits in the sides. Cuffs with press studs. Contrast stitching.

  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Oeko-Tex standard 100 - Confidence in textiles. Tested for harmful substances.
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
  • Men Man
  • Women Woman
  • Craftmen and light building Craftmen and light building
  • Service and logistics Service and logistics
  • Industry Industry

No liability accepted for product alterations.

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