EN ISO 15797

EN ISO 15797

Products from MASCOT with EN ISO 15797 are tested to withstand industrial washing and drying processes.

EN ISO 15797 is your guarantee that the products can withstand industrial washing and drying processes without problems. The testing procedure must simulate the effect that industrial washing has on the workwear and test the relevant properties, including colour fastness and dimensional stability. The clothing is tested for eight different washing procedures which represent the environment to which the workwear is exposed during industrial washing.

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When workwear is produced for the purpose of industrial washing and testing with EN ISO 15797, it must be tested under a variety of factors including the workwear’s ability to maintain its fit, the resilience of the seams, the strength of the material, and the permanence of the colour in relation to colour intensity and bleeding.

Products from MASCOT® with the EN ISO 15797 label are tested according to test method 8B, which includes coloured workwear that can tolerate tunnel finishing.

EN ISO 15797 is achieved at the Hohenstein Institute, which evaluates products based on criteria determined by the ETSA (European Textiles Services Association). The overall assessment describes how well the workwear withstands various industrial washing and drying processes.