Developed for Industry, high comfort for the wearer

A recent survey by the European Textile Services Association reported that companies expect from their workwear quality, protection from risks, and comfort.  In truly Tested to Work style, MASCOT launched a new Industry range of garments to provide get exactly that, and much more.  Developed in response to customer demand, in 2010, MASCOT worked with industrial laundries and large end users to develop a modern new alternative for the industrial wearer.

The corporate identity of large industrial end users has also been a goal in the development process.  The range is so comprehensive that the warehouse employee, the joiner and the driver can all have workwear to suit their individual needs, yet at the same time, have a uniform, matching appearance.  In addition, the lighter weight fabrics make this an ideal range for working indoors.

Developed with the industrial laundry in mind

  • No hook and loop tape is used
  • All studs are hidden to avoid risk of scratching or catching
  • Studs are open to aid easy replacement (canvas range)
  • Robust triple stitched seams
  • Durable with long life span - check out our test results!



MASCOT® tests fabrics within its industry range in accordance with ISO 15797 procedure 8B, to the requirements of the European Textile Services Association. ETSA grading is givin on a scale of 1 to 3, 3 being the highest grade.

ETSA diagram
Chart 1: Result against ETSA requirements: Testing of MASCOT fabric Quality 154, 65% polyester/ 35% cotton, black, canvas weave, 260 gsm, Hohenstein Test Institute
Note: Procedure 8B - washing procedure 8 followed by drying procedure B, carried out 5 times. Crease recovery tested after 3 washes. Tensile strength is tested on unwashed fabric.

  • MASCOT undustry - Akron overall
  • Main Catalogue 2011Mascot IndustryLouisville 10090-194Macon 10235-194
  • Tulsa 10109-154-18New Haven 10279-154-18
  • Akron 10519-442-09
  • Tucson 50204-830-09Springfield 10131-154-09 *** Local Caption *** RyanSiemens
  • Soroni 501-861-010Richmond 10169-154-010Mascot FrontlineMascot Industry
  • Lexingtin 10054-194-09Almeria 50001-805-09Springfield 10131-154-09Kisa 50077-843-09Mascot IndustryMascot Complete

MASCOT uses two different types of weave - twill and canvas

in MASCOT® INDUSTRY, both of which have their advantages and design related characteristics. Which type you should choose depends on what you want and require from your workwear.

Choose MASCOT INDUSTRY Canvas if you want:

  • Modern and stylish design with an ergonomic fit
  • High breathability
  • Robust durable products
  • A good selection of work and winter clothes in canvas


Choose MASCOT® INDUSTRY Twill if you want:

  • A classic style
  • Traditional industry clothing with an updated fit


Choose MASCOT® INDUSTRY cotton twill, if you want:

  • A clean natural material that is soft and comfortable
  • High breathability
  • Clothing that can be washed at very high temperatures
  • Clothes suitable for work near sparks

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 Helping the environment

 A Life Cycle Assessment comparing  domestic to industrial washing carried out  by the reputed German Öko-Institut  showed that:

 Industrial laundries use 64% less water  than domestic washing

 Industrial laundries use 73% less energy  than domestic washing

 By resorting to an industrial laundry  process, 90% less chemicals are used  than in typical home washing

 Industrial laundries emit 30% less CO2  and 36% less NOx than domestic washing

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