Trousers so comfortable you won’t want to take them off

20. April 2018
Imagine work trousers so comfortable, you won’t want to take them off. The trousers from MASCOT® ADVANCED are made from four-way stretch, which offers a feeling of ultimate freedom of movement. The multifunctional material combines the stretch qualities with a low weight and a high durability.
MASCOT has recently launched a new video filled with dancing craftsmen, catchy tunes and high spirits. Check out the video and see how much you actually can move in the MASCOT® ADVANCED trousers.

No more heavy and rigid work trousers
Does your job require you to move in ways where your traditional work trousers are put to the test? The MASCOT® ADVANCED trousers put an end to heavy, rigid trousers that tighten and bother. “You don’t really feel that you are wearing them” was the reaction from one of the craftsmen who tested the trousers. The soft, elastic material that follows the body’s movements makes the trousers feel almost like a second skin.

Don’t compromise on features
The elastic material doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on features. The MASCOT® ADVANCED trousers come in varieties with elastic and very durable kneepad pockets, well-arranged CORDURA® holster pockets, tool straps and smaller, closed pockets for mobile phone, glasses, business card, etc. If, during the day, you need to have you knees ventilated, the trousers have ventilation ducts that can easily be opened to initiate airflow.

MASCOT® ADVANCED 17031 trousers with Dyneema® kneepad pockets and detachable holster pockets. The pockets can be filled with tools without limiting the freedom of movement. The holster pockets can be detached when the trousers need to be washed or the pockets have to be emptied.

Choose between numerous combination possibilities
Find the MASCOT® ADVANCED trousers in seven different colours, numerous sizes and three leg lengths. The possibility to find the correct leg length among MASCOT’s three standard leg lengths enables pockets and other features to be placed in the right spot. In the assortment, besides the traditional long trousers, you will also find ¾ length trousers and shorts with detachable holster pockets. All varieties are made from the unique four-way stretch material that gives you work comfort in a completely new way.

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