MASCOT awarded international prize for European Customer Service Leadership

30. October 2013
The Danish workwear producer, Mascot International A/S, has been selected across 700 European suppliers of workwear.

The recognized international research firm Frost & Sullivan has analysed the European workwear market. Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has demonstrated excellence in the quality, timeliness and cost of service as well as the impact of service on customer value. One example highlighted MASCOT’s effective and time-saving web ordering solution, MASCOT® SmartStore, which is provided free of charge to distributors and customers.

The value of the products is increased by high levels of service
Based on interviews and data collection in the industry, the international research firm chose to present MASCOT a prize for Customer Service Leadership: “In today’s competitive workwear market, superior service is the key to gaining customer loyalty and recording customer retention. MASCOT has evolved through enhancing the value of its products through technologically-ingenious and state-of-the-art service offerings that help in easing the burden of customers,” says Aparna Balasubramanian, Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

MASCOT® SmartStore is a robust service program
The honour was given in particular for MASCOT’s web-based ordering system, MASCOT® SmartStore, which MASCOT’s distributors and customers, in large numbers, have joined over the past few years. Ordering workwear and protective equipment through the MASCOT® SmartStore reduces costs, delays, errors and the amount of administration. This applies from the wearer on site, to the foreman / administrator in the office and the distributor’s shop. Frost & Sullivan explains: “Employee workwear management is a time-consuming task that involves heavy administrative work for workwear customers. Thus, MASCOT® SmartStore is a robust service program securing customers a simple and lean management of their workwear activities, thereby addressing this unmet need of the market,” said Aparna Balasubramanian.

Also a budgeting tool
It is not only wearers and distributors who benefit from the MASCOT® SmartStore. Company leaders can also use this as a budget and management tool: “The system equips the customer with a foolproof system to monitor employee spending, as each employee is entitled to buy workwear only from the exclusive preselected collection, within his allocated points,” says Aparna Balasubramanian.

The focus is always on the customer
MASCOT prioritises their development projects by the value they create for both customers and distributors. This has been evident through their development of innovative products for many years, and the range of services has in recent years also increased significantly. “Mascot International A/S is a highly customer-centric business organisation. Backed by its strong focus on innovation in design, quality and outstanding customer service, the company has experienced consistent growth and ranks among the top manufacturers within the general workwear market in Europe,” said analyst Aparna Balasubramanian.

New version of MASCOT® SmartStore
MASCOT has just launched a new version of the MASCOT® SmartStore that contains even more features to streamline the ordering of workwear and protective equipment for distributors and customers. The system remains very user-friendly and can be used from any computer / tablet / smartphone with internet connectivity at any time of day. There are currently 70,000 wearers ordering their workwear via the MASCOT® SmartStore and new ones are being added every day. The system is available in 10 languages.

MASCOT is an international, family-run company that develops, manufactures and markets high quality workwear and safety footwear. The company has for many years experienced rapid growth in both revenue and earnings. MASCOT is market leader within workwear in Denmark and among the largest brands in Europe.

About the award
Frost & Sullivan awarded this prize to the company that has demonstrated the highest excellence in quality, timeliness and cost of service as well as the impact of service on customer value. There will not be additional prizes awarded in connection with the thorough analysis of the workwear market.

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MASCOT's export director Kurt Madsen (right) receives the award on behalf of MASCOT.

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