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Trousers so comfortable you won’t want to take them off

Imagine work trousers so comfortable, you won’t want to take them off. The trousers from MASCOT® ADVANCED is made from four-way stretch, which offers a feeling of ultimate freedom of movement. The multifunctional material combines the stretch qualities with a low weight and a high durability.
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New Year’s celebration in MASCOT Laos

Today, our colleagues in MASCOT Laos celebrated the Lao New Year, welcoming year 2561 with a great outdoor party. The hundreds of litres of holy water, which is a part of the tradition, came in very handy as the temperature reached 37 degrees.
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Find the latest workwear trends in the new MASCOT® WORKWEAR Spring/Summer Craftsman magazine

60 pages with inspiring articles, product reviews from fellow craftsmen all over Europe, and guides to help you choose the best products. The magazine is available online, where video clips will bring the articles to life and offer you the full workwear experience.
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Production expansions for MASCOT in Laos and Vietnam

MASCOT commences the doubling of the company’s production capacity in Asia. Initially in Laos and later in the year in Vietnam. A total of 1800 new employees will be found in the coming year.
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MASCOT and Roda JC work together on a social project

MASCOT and the Dutch football club Roda JC have a close collaboration, where they share common values including a continuous focus on social initiatives in the companies’ local areas. This collaboration also includes Roda JC WerkT; a social project initiated by Roda JC.
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The MASCOT® ADVANCED range was Tuesday evening announced as the winner of the VSK Award 2018 in the category “Installer Tools”; the category for tools, materials and other solutions that make work easier and better for professional installers. The combination of optimum functionality, comfort and a modern look were decisive.
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Lightweight winter jacket and outer shell jacket in stretch from MASCOT

MASCOT launches a lightweight winter jacket and outer shell jacket in four-way stretch material that breaks the illusion that winter jackets have to be thick and heavy in order to be warm. The jackets are also extremely durable as well as breathable, wind and waterproof.
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MASCOT will again be put to the test in one of the world’s most extreme races

On 6 January 2018 Dakar Rally begins for the 40th time and MASCOT is once again proud sponsor of the team with Tim and Tom Coronel. We look forward to experiencing MASCOT’s workwear and safety shoes being tested under extreme conditions.
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MASCOT is official clothing supplier for Audi in Formula E

When Formula E heads into its fourth season, Danish MASCOT joins Audi Motorsport in the pit. MASCOT has become an official supplier to Audi’s factory-backed team in FIA Formula E Championship, the world’s first fully-electric international single-seater street racing series.
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MASCOT awarded prize as a product leader among workwear manufacturers

As a result of a comprehensive analysis of the workwear market, the Danish manufacturer MASCOT was awarded with the 2017 European Product Leadership Award.
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