MASCOT joins researchers on Patagonia expedition

For the 11th time, Centre Terre embarked on the two months’ long expedition in January 2017. It is the second time they are wearing MASCOT workwear. As on four previous expeditions, the goal is the secluded island Madre de Dios situated Chile’s rugged coast. Once there, the team of specialists will explore the amazing caves in the harsh but beautiful pristine nature.

In 2017, the expedition party, Ultima Patagonia from Centre Terre, is once again headed to Patagonia. This time the destination is Madre de Dios (God’s Mother), one of the most secluded islands in the world. The experienced team consists of speleologists, biologists, geologists and water biologists, who explore caves, water, nature, stones and different kinds of environments, is led by Bernard Tourte, the chairman of Centre Terre. “The goal is to explore as many caves and ravines as possible. When the 2017 expedition is over, we want a more complete picture of the subsurface of the island,” says Bernard Tourte.

Proper clothing is essential
The expedition is supported by MASCOT, who provides clothing for the whole team so they are properly dressed in layers. MASCOT also provided clothing for the last expedition in 2014, when they explored another area in Patagonia. During the two months of the expedition, the team is exposed to extreme weather conditions. In one year on Madre de Dios, it rains 10 litres per m2 and there can be wind gusts of up to 120-150 km/h. It is, therefore, crucial that the team is properly dressed.

Going on an expedition of this magnitude is not for everyone, but the two leaders from Centre Terre have no worries. They are looking forward to being isolated from the world and contributing to the knowledge of limestone caves, nature, etc. Natalia has no doubts about what makes her go, “Everything! The fact that for two months, in almost complete isolation, I get to do what I love, is happiness for me.”
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