Plastic bottles reused in T-shirts help clean up plastic in nature

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21 August 2020
Circularity was in focus in various ways when football supporters from Aarhus, Denmark, cleaned up the forest surrounding their local stadium. All wore a MASCOT sustainable T-shirt partly made of recycled plastic from Asia.

Recycled polyester makes up 40 % of the material in MASCOT’s sustainable T-shirts together with 60 % organic cotton. The recycled polyester is made of used plastic materials collected in Asia.

On Saturday the 15th of August, the environmental benefit of the T-shirts was highlighted as 100 volunteers in Aarhus cleaned up the forest and park surrounding the local football stadium – the home ground of AGF.

The event called Clean Up Aarhus was supported by MASCOT, and the waste collected by the volunteers included plastic bottles and bags, a bike wheel, and an ice skates among other notable items.


Environmental and social benefits

At MASCOT, we believe it is our responsibility to include recycled materials wherever it makes sense. Tested to Work means that we strive to develop and design products taking both people, planet and profit into consideration, and at the same time secure the quality and the service life of our products.

In Asia, used plastic products like bottles and bags are collected, washed, broken down into granulate and finally spun into new polyester years. When reusing used plastic, waste is turned into a new resource and collecting plastic becomes a possible base of revenue. A benefit for both the environment as well as the society.


The properties of plastic

Plastic is an incredibly strong material with seemingly endless possibilities with regard to shape, purpose and reuse. It therefore makes sense to consider used plastic as a resource rather than a waste product.

Adding recycled polyester, the T-shirts gain several new properties. Polyester is a very stable fibre, which cause the product to retain its shape and therefore does not have as great a tendency to shrink. The blend of cotton and polyester ensures that the fabric dries faster whilst still being comfortable to wear. Finally, polyester has a high wear resistance and thereby last longer, overall.

MASCOT’s sustainable products include polo shirts and sweatshirts with recycled polyester as well as variants in 100 % organic cotton.

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