MASCOT wins Dutch award

2018 - Corporate Fashion Award - The Netherlands - Bedst brand collection, <span>MASCOT® ADVANCED</span>  - Danny Bonn - Toos Volmer
16 November 2018
For the fourth year in a row, MASCOT wins a prize at the Corporate Fashion Award in the Netherlands. This time, it was the award-winning range MASCOT® ADVANCED that won in the category “Best Brand Collection”.

The range was chosen as it is a complete collection of workwear including different models and colours. In addition, it is innovative in the field of workwear, as it blurs the line between workwear and outdoor clothing.

For MASCOT, it is a great honour to receive this award, as it is a recognition of the hard work that has been put into developing new products for the users of workwear.

PPE Award - Award - A89C12FA-F396-4FE6-8E66-909BB268B1F6{name - 17115-318 - MASCOT® ADVANCED - 2018

The third prize for MASCOT® ADVANCED

With the prize at Corporate Fashion Award, the MASCOT® ADVANCED range has won three awards since the launch last year. Earlier this year, the range won a prize at the Dutch exhibition VSK and at the “Professional Clothing Award” in London, where the range won the prize “PPE innovation of the year”. The awards bear withness of the range’s innovative addition to the workwear market.