MASCOT renews sponsorship of the Danish football club

Silkeborg IF
Silkeborg IF - 2017 Press
22 February 2017

MASCOT has prolonged its sponsorship of the Danish premier league club Silkeborg IF; a sponsorship that began in 2011. For the next two years, the football players of SIF will continue to have the MASCOT® WORKWEAR name on their chests.

A long-term and loyal collaboration between MASCOT and the Danish football club Silkeborg IF continues. The combination of a sport that interests many of MASCOT’s end-users and SIF’s position in the Danish football premier league and the exposure that follows, have been the main arguments for extending the sponsorship for two more years.

Profitable for both parties

The collaboration and sponsorship of Silkeborg IF has been beneficial for both parties. MASCOT’s Managing Director Michael Grosbøl elaborates: »We have a good professional chemistry and through the years we have ensured that both parties gained something from our collaboration. We look forward to cooperating with SIF for a few more years, and in addition we look forward to experiencing how SIF will implement its visionary plans for the future.«