US Ambassador

visits MASCOT Laos
US Ambassador - Press 2017
20 January 2017

On the same day as the changing of guard in The White House, MASCOT had a distinguished visit by the new US Ambassador to Laos, Ms. Rena Bitter.

Ms. Rena Bitter - Collage - Press

The ambassador is highly interested in how the investment climate in Laos has evolved so she had many questions about the details behind MASCOT’s successful investment in Laos. In addition, MASCOT Laos Managing Director, Thomas Bo Pedersen, showed a number of ‘Made in Laos’ MASCOT products that demonstrate clearly that with modern equipment and good training, it is possible to produce quality products in Laos that are on par with products produced elsewhere.

Ambassador Bitter came to Laos during autumn 2016 from the post of Consul General in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, giving her a good knowledge of the region. She speaks Spanish, Arabic and Vietnamese and was a Special Assistant to the then Secretary of State, Colin Powell.

MASCOT® Laos - US Ambassador - Press 2017