New Year’s party

at MASCOT Vietnam
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20 January 2017

In the next couple of weeks, the activity level at MASCOT’s offices and factories in Vietnam not be as high it use to be. This is because the majority of the employees have gone on their New Year’s holiday to celebrate Têt, the biggest Vietnamese holiday of the year. On Saturday, 28 January, the new year begins; the year of the rooster.

Têt is a bit like Christmas

The Vietnamese New Year (Têt) has a lot in common with the Danish Christmas. It is a time to spend with family, honoured traditions, and good food. It is not only a much needed holiday for our hardworking Vietnamese colleagues, the New Year is also an extremely important cultural and religious holiday in the country, where 95% are Buddhists.

By far, the most important element of Têt is to show respect to the ancestors. The Vietnamese believe that their ancestors will come back as ghosts if their descendants don’t treat them properly.

The crowning and competitions at the New Year’s party

Our colleagues in MASCOT Vietnam gathered in the middle of January for the yearly employee conference to hear about the year’s results, and to start off the new year with a bang. This started with a huge celebration and a feast of Vietnamese specialties, and then this year’s employee contests began. In the previous weeks, the employees had practiced in their spare time – in secrecy, of course! The result was a show with one beautiful and imaginative feature after another. See more here:

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