MASCOT’s new head office

reaches new heights
Pårup - HQ - 2016
07 April 2016

Things are moving quickly on the new grounds in Pårup, a city in Denmark just west of Silkeborg. During the first few very busy months of the construction project, roads and construction site areas have been built, groundworks completed for the new building, and foundations have been laid all on a huge plot equivalent to around 550 housing plots.

As of late January, the building has begun to appear above ground with the installation of the steel structure that will become the automated warehouse. We are proud to be able to share with you this great time lapse recording from the last two months of the construction process:

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As you can see, work has started on the concrete walls to surround the steel and the steel sheets for the roof have also been laid. The fully automated warehouse, with mini-load cranes and nearly 400,000 cartons will cover approximately 6,700 m2 and will be over 20 meters high. Work is being continuously carried out on several parts of the construction project, and the foundations for the administration building are well underway. We look forward to sharing the next stage of the project with you.

The total building will cover 34,058 m2.