in the South American desert
TESTED TO WORK - 2015 Dakar
10 February 2015
See the extreme conditions that MASCOT’s workwear has been Tested to Work in. Click on the video link below to see our workwear in action, during the 2015 Dakar Rally, in the South American desert.

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During the Dakar Rally, 420 different motorcycles, trucks and buggies sped through 9000 km of South American desert. During the Dakar Rally, The Dutch team, with Tim Coronel in the lead, wore MASCOT’s workwear. The mechanics are at work both day and night and under some very critical conditions. "It is essential for the mechanics that their clothing is comfortable and easy to work in," says Media Manager Martijn van Oort from The Dakar team.
In South America, it is generally warm, but one can be faced with all kinds of weather. From the heat of the desert to the cold - sometimes even snow - in the mountains of Chile. In Argentina, it can be quite wet, so it is also important to have clothing that dries quickly. It is extremely demanding work, so clothing must also be durable. It is of course also important that our mechanics look presentable for sponsors. The Dakar Rally is televised throughout the world, and the mechanics are in the spotlight throughout the race.