MASCOT® Underwear

– The Perfect Package
MASCOT Underwear - 2014
26 September 2014

MASCOT® WORKWEAR helps you make the right choice - Comfort for everyday

The right choice of underwear is rather challenging and the choices can be overwhelming. As a base layer, the underwear acts as a second skin and needs to provide a high level of comfort, softness, and flexibility. Also important is effective moisture wicking, quick drying fabrics and insulating properties - all features that make underwear wearable.

MASCOT introduces the perfect package with a new, innovative, colour-coded concept to help you quickly choose the most effective solution. It has been specially designed to help you find the perfect product, with each package clearly describing the underwear’s features and fabrics.

The new underwear packages are enriched with 7 different colour categories, where each colour represents the uniqueness of its products. RED & ORANGE packaged items are underwear for colder conditions: insulating, quick-drying and moisture-wicking. GREEN is for our basic items for everyday use, whilst shades of BLUE signify underwear for warmer days: antibacterial, antistatic, moisture-wicking and/or UV protective.

MASCOT multifunctional underwear offers both comfort and flexibility as well as moisture reduction and insulation. MASCOT multifunctional underwear is made of innovative fabrics designed to work with your body by adjusting temperature, moisture and insulation. It ensures that your body is in its comfort zone all day long, no matter how you move or in what environment you work.

You can see a clear overview of the garments in the recently produced underwear brochure in which the colour coding is clearly explained alongside the key points and benefits of each garment.