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Education - Success - 2014
15 August 2014

MASCOT has been active in a number of educational partnerships in Vietnam, with the participation of both Vietnamese and Danish educational institutions. One of Denmark’s largest educational institutions, Niels Brock, has reached an agreement with Hanoi’s Foreign Trade University on improving the university's financial bachelor’s degree program.

Mascot Vietnam’s director, Thomas Bo Pedersen, has been consulting with the leadership of Niels Brock throughout the process, and MASCOT now has the first interns from FTU located in MASCOTs own IT and Finance Center in Hanoi.

"It has been a particularly positive process with a very capable intern, and I have no doubt that there is a very good outlook with this cooperation, where a Danish educational institution is assisting the Vietnamese with a much-needed improvement of the Vietnamese education system. This is not only of benefit to the Vietnamese, but also of great use for the Danish companies that conduct business in Vietnam. We look forward to being able to hire employees with clearly superior qualifications," says MASCOT CEO Michael Grosbøl.

Bertel Haarder & Birgitte Haarder - Laos 2014

The cooperation between Niels Brock, FTU - and the contact in Mascot Vietnam - originally came about as an initiative of the previous Minister of Education, Bertel Haarder, who brought the parties together after his visit to Hanoi in 2009.

“Bertel Haarder met with great interest among his Vietnamese colleagues. The next thing that happened was that I, and MASCOT Vietnam’s director, received an email from Bertel, where he wrote that we had to talk. And so we did," said Niels Brock Director Anya Eskildsen about the start of the cooperation.

Bertel Haarder is in Hanoi these days and has, among other things, been able to present diplomas to the new graduates from Niels Brock class at FTU. He also found time to visit the Mascot Vietnam premises, where he met 18-year-old Kamilla Lading Nickelsen, who is currently receiving training as a clothing craftsman at MASCOT. Kamilla's 18 month internship is the result of a practical cooperation that MASCOT has entered into with VIA Teko in Herning, Denmark.

Bertel Haarder - 2014

Bertel Haarder talks about his impressions from the visit:
"Education has become a very important and fast growing export. In Denmark, Niels Brock is ahead of all others and now has programs in six Chinese and soon two Vietnamese cities. In Vietnam, MASCOT has been an invaluable partner.
It started five years ago, when I suggested the Vietnamese education minister invest in Danish education. I never dreamed that it could amount to something so quickly, and it is with thanks to Anya Eskildsen's network and immense energy. I am also deeply impressed by what MASCOT has got off the ground in Vietnam and Laos. This bodes well for the future - including for education exports."

MASCOT has very recently also entered into a placement agreement with the Vietnamese Maritime University. According to the plan, the first students from the university’s logistics line will begin their internships at MASCOT Vietnam in late August.

Birgitte & Bertel Haarder - Thomas Bo