MASCOT takes an extraordinary

social responsibility
Bangladesh 2013
24 October 2013

- The status of the Rana Plaza collapse: Approximately 6 months ago a building collapsed in Bangladesh. The building complex was named Rana Plaza and housed various textile companies. More than 1,100 people died.

MASCOT’s part

In the initial period after the collapse MASCOT was unaware that we had previously purchased goods that had been produced at Rana Plaza, as our supplier had a different name from that of the building. It was only after we were contacted by the press (after a reporter found a label from a cancelled order from 2011), that we were made aware that a supplier in the building had made some sample products for us. We had placed the last sample order in 2011, but that sample, like its predecessors, was unsatisfactory, and we discontinued collaboration.

MASCOT has no legal responsibility

After the collapse, the ILO (International Labour Organisation) hosted two meetings in Geneva to compensate the survivors. MASCOT’s lawyer attended the first meeting in order to establish MASCOT’s legal responsibility. It quickly became clear that MASCOT did not have one.

Creating a Fund

MASCOT, nonetheless, wished to help the victims and survivors, so MASCOT’s CEO participated in the second meeting in Geneva. At the meeting, a model was outlined for a fund to help the victims and survivors. The participating companies were naturally concerned with ensuring that the funds ended up in the right hands.

Six months' salary to employees

Shortly after the tragedy occurred, one of the companies that produced in the factory at the time of the collapse paid six months' salary to the accounts belonging to the employees of the factory in Rana Plaza. Thus, the participating companies at the meeting in Geneva were able to note that immediate help was given to the victims and survivors. The immediate help is important, as the establishment of the fund is very laborious and time-consuming. In connection with the creation of the fund, all survivors are interviewed as are the surviving relatives of the victims. Among other things, an iPad application has been developed for the purpose of tracking all the data, including, for example, the degree of permanent injury for the victims. The aim is to allocate resources as fairly as possible. The process is in full swing and has been for some time.

Extraordinary donation

Despite the fact that MASCOT only ordered a few samples from the factory a few years before the collapse, MASCOT has chosen to donate a six-figure amount (in Danish Kroner) to the victims and survivors. The amount will be paid as soon as the fund is established. MASCOT has chosen to take a social responsibility with the donation - in a country where a large proportion of the world's textile production continues.