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Coronel - Dakar - 2013
01 January 2013

The Maxxis Dakar Team, with two buggies and two quads will attempt to conquer the toughest rally in the world. Mascot is a sponsor of the Maxxis Dakar Team. Tim Coronel and Jurgen van den Goorbergh will both be buggying and Kees Koolen and Sebastian Husseini will start the adventure on the quads.

An Extraordinary human experience

Like the mountains or the oceans, the wide open spaces inspire "the adventurers". Entering the Dakar is, in a certain way, like climbing Everest, sailing round the globe or rowing round the world. The places on the final podium represent an exceptional challenge, sometimes that of a lifetime. Apart from the standings, all the competitors are motivated by this resolute desire, an almost crazy dream. Whether they are motorcyclists, car drivers or truckers, or quad riders, they all share this ambition, a feeling that brings them together. The tradition of solidarity, a principle which is one of the pillars of the "Dakar Spirit", stems from this shared passion: despite the linguistic barriers, on this level the competitors all speak the same language.

MASCOT Dakar Cap

Dakar Caps - 2013


05/01/2013 Lima - Pisco
06/01/2013 Pisco - Pisco
07/01/2013 Pisco - Nazca
08/01/2013 Nazca - Arequipa
09/01/2013 Arequipa - Arica
10/01/2013 Arica - Calama
11/01/2013 Calama - Salta
12/01/2013 Salta - San Miguel de Tucumán
13/01/2013 Rest day
14/01/2013 San Miguel de Tucumán - Córdoba
15/01/2013 Córdoba - La Rioja
16/01/2013 La Rioja - Fiambalá
17/01/2013 Fiambalá - Copiapó
18/01/2013 Copiapó - La Serena
19/01/2013 La Serena - Santiago

Jurgen van den Goorbergh and Kees Koolen had driven a buggy together before, but this year Koolen decided to try it with a quad. This will be a new challenge for Koolen, who has already conquered the Dakar rally once on a motorbike and three times with a buggy. Van den Goorbergh has also earned his stripes at Dakar in the past, taking on the toughest rally in the world on a motorbike and several times solo with a buggy. Partially due to Koolen’s decision to try out a quad this year, this left a buggy spot free within the team, so Tim Coronel has taken up the mantle there. Coronel has finished the Dakar rally 5 times and has the experience needed for a solo attempt in a buggy. Koolen, Van den Goorbergh and Coronel have all driven together in 2009 with the Dakar Sport team as it then was. The team’s second quad rider is Sebastian Husseini. Husseini has a Dutch mother and a Lebanese father and has spent his life in Dubai. Husseini is currently the only factory-backed rider from Bombardier in the Middle East and Africa. The addition of Sebastian Husseini brings a great deal of experience to the team and he stands a good chance of doing very well in the quad league tables.

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