Don't become

a statistic
Safety Boots - MASCOT® Craig - 2012
17 July 2012

In the UK, In 2010/2011 over 14 thousand ankle and foot related injuries were reported. 115379 other injuries to employees were noted. 26.4 million days were lost overall, costing society billion of pounds.*

Accidents are expensive – there are many hidden and uninsured costs. With footwear, like any product, you tend to get what you pay for. Don’t become a statistic, buy footwear that protects your toes, heels and ankles against all workplace hazards.
New for August 2012 MASCOT launches the MASCOT® Craig safety boot. The ergonomically formed aluminum toe cap protects your toes from falling objects or compression, as well as provides comfort and freedom of movement. Combined with a mid-sole textile material, that protects against punctures from below, this boots provides safety and comfort all day, every day.

The sole itself is oil, petrol and chemical, as well as heat resistant. Heat resistant sole up to 300°C contact heat. The Stabilizing multi-function shank has integrated absorbing cushioning, providing maximum comfort and the removable in-soles, conducts, absorbs and removes moisture ensuring your feet stay dry. This boots is certified to EN ISO 20345 2007, and is a safety class S3 boot. When working in areas that are prone to slips, the MASCOT® Craig safety boot is a must, as it is SRC approved. Often, footwear is just described as ‘slip-resistant’ and does not describe the conditions for which the footwear is most suitable. SRC approved ensures you the footwear has been tested to SRA (tested on ceramic tile wetted with dilute soap solution) and SRB (tested on smooth steel with glycerol) guaranteeing you, not only is the footwear slip resistant but that it is ultra-slip resistant.

As well as protecting your feet this boots is durable, breathable in high quality full grain leather and is Thinsulate insulated which is particularly suitable for cold environments.

The Craig safety boot, more than just a boot.

* ‘Contains public sector information published by the Health and Safety Executive and licensed under the Open Government Licence v1.0’.