for summer
MASCOT® Peldor Safety Shoes - 2012
08 May 2012

The calendar says spring, but summer and the warm weather will soon be upon us. Be ready with safety sandals from MASCOT, offering both comfort and safety whilst allowing your feet to breath.

Your feet are ventilated through holes on the top and sides of the MASCOT® Paldor safety sandal. Under the two Velcro fasteners that hold the sandal in place, is a tongue of soft, breathable mesh. This means your feet are well secured - without them being closed too much in the summer heat!

Special anti-slip and comfortable

Outsoles on the sandals are ultra slip-resistant so that you minimize the risk of falling. This is reflected in the sole design, created so water and other liquids can easily run out from under the shoe.

MASCOT's new ergonomic insole is also, of course, included in our safety sandal. This insole provides great arch support and has a shock absorbing cushion in the heel so you can better cope with being on your feet a full workday.

Extra protection for working on your knees

These safety sandals also have a scuff cap - an important plus for durability if you frequently work on your knees and tend to scrape and scratch the toes of your shoes - making them a good fit for tradesmen with kneeling work.For work in light construction and industry or logistics, the MASCOT ® Paldor is also an easy choice.

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