Fashionable clothing

with badges and print
T-shirts with Print & Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt - MASCOT® CROSSOVER - 2012
05 March 2012

MASCOT® CROSSOVER is a brand new range encompassing fashionable new and popular shirts from MASCOT’s existing lines. There is something for everyone, especially for those who want to follow fashion and stand out in a crowd.

Embossed Fashion line

Style is not just reserved for street wear - who says you can’t, also, be stylishly dressed when you are at work, without getting your expensive branded shirts destroyed! With MASCOT® CROSSOVER , MASCOT has gone all out and away from its current workwear trends. MASCOT® CROSSOVER is still made to MASCOT’s usual good and proven quality but is now combined with a modern and fashionable finish, which follows the times and gives work clothes more of an edge.

MASCOT® CROSSOVER T-shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts are cool, with new prints along the sides and front and have badges on the sleeves. For those who require it, there is still plenty of free space for a company logo. The above mentioned items are available in different colours so you can find the one that best suits your company colour scheme and also matches your work trousers.

The basic shirts that matches all

If you are not one for prints and badges, there are still good alternatives. In exactly the same quality fabric you can choose MASCO® BASIC CROSSOVER - a similar model without the fashion elements. That way, you and your colleagues can choose according to taste but still have a single comprehensive look at work - whether you are for printing and badges or not. MASCOT® BASIC CROSSOVER has a large colour selection and you can always find at least two models of T-shirts, sweatshirts or polo shirts to suit your MASCOT's trousers from other ranges.

Properly dressed

In winter wear your T-shirt, polo shirt or sweatshirt indoors on cold days and as a middle layer when working outside. In these t-shirts you will also be readily dressed for spring and summer, in a new style of high quality clothing, which differs in detail from the rest of the crowd.

MASCOT® Avion, Toulouse & Anzin - 2012

MASCOT® CROSSOVER shirts are avaliable in a narrow and a regular fit. Eg choose MASCOT® Java for a regular fit and MASCOT ® Algoso for a slimmer fit.

Buy MASCOT® CROSSOVER from your distributer from April 2012.