Thorough development

is the basis for entirely new range of workwear for industry
25 October 2010

What do you want? That was the question to the many laundries and large end user companies that MASCOT designers and product developers were out and visit in 2009.

MASCOT had set something: Namely, to develop the perfect line of clothing to industrial users and laundries.

User Inspired Design is an important part of the MASCOT development. Consequently, a very large part of the development away from users. On the product development department visits laundries in different countries got many important statements from the respondents. But actually gave a visual impression also crucial input to product development of the new industry series.

Focus on industry

"Just by looking around us at laundries, we had many indications of how we could create a better solution. We looked very worn and faded work clothes that looked dull even after a few washes, "says Chief Mascot product development department, Lena Bay. "The clothes did not like the shape and the corners of pocket flaps flappede up. It's not something that has the great significance to the functional, but for us is perfection in both function and appearance of a target. "

At end-user companies

Just the appearance is something that's increased focus on end users. Industrial workers have been accustomed to ordinary work clothes with a few features - and usually in cobalt. The time is past, and now also requires industrial users to have great mobility in work clothes that fit exactly to their function. "The end user companies are dreams collection a smart, clever price and not over the design series with different types of products to different work," says chief designer Helle Bruhn. And just that different people may choose different clothing and still have a common look, new requirements from industrial end users. Today it also means something that one can feel like a part of the company's corporate identity through clothing.

In laundries

Work clothes, used by large industrial companies, often on large industrial washing laundry. This was also important to take laundries consulted. "Our goal was to develop a series where no laundries can point to something that could have been done better," says Lena Bay, which was useful knowledge, especially from a number of large German laundries. And it is something of a requirement to ask when you are dealing with clothing to cope with frequent industrial washing and drying processes. Laundry unions had too many requests and requirements for such straps for suspension, suppression of velcro, which stopped at the sink and easily replaceable studs.

2010 Press - Employees: Product Development Manager Lena Bay (standing) and others from the Production Development Department working on MASCOT® INDUSTRY

The big bet

In MASCOT you are happy to say that all needs have been satisfied with the new series with the aptly named MASCOT ® INDUSTRY. But it's not all, of MASCOT has also for the first time in the market launch of products specially designed for industries that are made in a canvas weave. Canvas is a weave structure that is a bit more open in structure than, say, the traditional industrial weaving twill, who also is represented in the new series. The canvas is thus more airy and suitable indoors and in warm environments. It has a coarse and a little different, cool look that looks new and fresh with some subtle contrast stitching. Weave structure does indeed trousers easier, and as laundries per wash. kg, it is an important detail and profits since then also washed several st. Clothing Room. washing. And it is also good for the environment.

Tested two workshops

MASCOT has over soon for some years been 'tested two work' as the slogan and social strategy. And it's not just empty air, for every fabric and every product is actually thoroughly tested in the laboratory and in real life, before the mass-produced. There were so many tests in the laboratory needed to find just the right kanvasvævning designed that can withstand the harsh industrial cleaning process and still look presentable afterwards. The fit is then tested by Mascot great user panel, which had prototypes of the clothes in their daily work. The current report back with experiences and opportunities for improvement in the test period. Last but not least, opsyede models in all colors been sent for testing at laundries to ensure that the clothes are now also faced its own in reality. Only then is the clothes sent to mass production, and include the lengthy research and testing phase, which means that Mascot any user up to 18-24 months to develop products from the first idea arises. You want to make sure that the clothes are definitely 'tested two work' in all respects before it is launched.

MASCOT® INDUSTRY - Work Trousers - Press 2010 It was a big challenge to find a canvas fabric that was good enough to be used in a range of workwear for industrial users. Canvas has a rougher structure which gives a cool look and which is very comfortable to have on. It can also cope with industrial washing and drying and keep its colour and shape - this is a first for this industry.


Mascot's new range of industry users, MASCOT ® Industr counts in total 22 products. It is primarily concerned kanvasprodukter - both ordinary working clothes and winter clothes sharing, but there are also a few twill products that seamlessly matched with kanvasprodukterne. Among twillprodukterne concludes there is a coverall with a newly developed fit. The products are just sent out to dealers, and are found in major DIY stores and other places where you would find your work clothes. See more on where you among others in the product search can do a search only on MASCOT ® INDUSTRY.

Workwear - MASCOT® INDUSTRY - 2010