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05 July 2010

People who use safety footwear are almost by definition also those who go round in workwear during the working day. Therefore it is obvious that not only should safety be at the forefront, but the footwear must, in every way, also be comfortable and take into account the wearers foot and posture during the working day.

In addition it is also important to take into account the many different working situations safety footwear can be used in. Everyone should have comfortable and safe footwear but different things determine when footwear is safe and comfortable for different wearers. Some require waterproof footwear to ensure comfort is assured. Others need an airy model. For others weight and the material is an important factor. Everything depends on the environment in which the footwear is used – and of course the wearer’s requirements.

For many years MASCOT has made workwear for many different industries. A few years ago MASCOT launched a range of safety footwear as a natural extension of the product portfolio. From the outset the development strategy focus has remained evenly on safety and comfort – for many industries. This year MASCOT launched a new range of safety footwear targeted at two different target groups: Industry and Trades and the Service Sector.

Look and learn a little more about what you should be aware of when choosing safety footwear.

MASCOT® Elbrus Safety Boot

Target Group:

The boot conforms to Safety Class 3 which is the class which offers the highest level of safety. Besides having a mid sole and toe cap (anatomically formed), the boot is water repellent and anti-static. The boots are suitable for all areas of trade the soles are heat resistant and immensely robust and durable. They are great for wearers that for example walk on hot surfaces or go in environments or work in positions that place great amounts of wear on their footwear. The boots are part of a new launched range of shoes and boots with many of the same properties


Decisive slip resistance

The boot is great for those who may come in contact with slippery, rough or greasy surfaces. The boot has achieved the highest level of slip resistance. The slip resistance test is performed partly in oil on a steel surface and partly in soap on a ceramic surface.
When the footwear passes both tests it gets the character SRC which the Elbrus and other styles in the range with the same sole have. When the wearer has safety footwear on that he knows he can trust, it also adds that little extra comfort to the working day.

Stand firm on steep surfaces

A wish from wearers was that the sole edge was formed so that the wearers could easily stand firm when working on sloped areas for example roofs and banks. The sole on this boot is therefore not rounded like many working boots but is close to perpendicular so it can get good grip on sloped surfaces.

For heat and chemicals

The running sole which is the sole that has contact to the surface is made of rubber. Rubber can tolerate extreme high temperatures – up to 300 deg C direct heat. The sole comes a good way up the side of the boot so the wearer gets extra protection. The rubber sole is also extremely robust and durable and therefore only a thin layer is needed. This gives space for an extra layer of comfort sole (in between the boot shaft and the running sole), great for the wearer as the comfort sole is both shock absorbing and soft. At the same time this sole is lighter which helps keep the weight of the overall boot down.

Hard Wearing

This boot is simply designed for hard wear. The sole, the full grain leather upper and laces are all chosen because we know that the wearers go in many different environments with dirty and changing surfaces. In addition the boot has a hard wearing Pronose scuff cap made from durable PU. The Pronose is very important for users who frequently work on their knees as the Pronose provides great protection. This increases the longevity of the boot considerably.

MASCOT® Velino Safety Shoe

Target Group:

Safety footwear classified to safety class S1P are particularly suitable for work indoors as the shaft is not waterproof. It is therefore often persons employed in the transport, logistics, warehouse and service industries that will have great pleasure wearing these shoes. It is light, agile and looks like a sports shoe which has been a wish from wearers in this target group. The shoe can also be worn by those working in the trades with great durability and a PU toe reinforcement. The Velino Safety Shoe is part of a newly launched line of footwear with many of the same properties and a sporty appearance.

Press 2010 - MASCOT® VELINO

Shock absorption for workers on the go

EVA is a sole material that has until now primarily been used in sports shoes. MASCOT has now for the first time used this as a middle sole – the so called comfort sole – in safety footwear. EVA is a soft lightweight material which is very shock absorbing and ensures a really comfortable working day with good walking comfort. The durability of EVA is not so high therefore the part of the sole that has contact with the ground is covered with a hard wearing durable rubber running sole.

Stability key to comfort

When you work with comfort in the development of safety footwear a relationship between flexibility and stability is important. The footwer needs to be as soft as possible so it is bendable in the right places and gives good pressure absorption. At the same time it is also essential that the footwear is stable so it supports the foot and does not bend together if the wearer is working on, for example, ladders or other uneven surfaces. TPU stabilisers are integrated into these styles so the foot is exceptionally well stabilised so the foot will have extra support in vulnerable situations.

Reduced weight

The weight of the footwear is essential for good comfort – the lower the weight the better. In this style the slightly heavier steel parts are changed for aluminium and textile. Furthermore the midsole of special textile increases flexibility so the shoe does not feel stiff when bending the foot. The toecap is made of aluminium so weighs less than steel. The toecap is also anatomically formed so it protects a wider area than a normal toecap. It is also shaped upwards at the top so the top of the foot is not irritated when working in bended or crouching positions.