Safe, smart and fluorescent in a completely new colour

When the wearer demands safety, appearance and practicality from Workwear the natural choice will fall to MASCOT ® SAFE YOUNG.

The range is developed for wearers of fluorescent clothing who expect something special from their daily work equipment. The wearer is not only visible in a safe sense – because the colour is red and the reflective strips are chevroned. The range turns heads on the street and on the construction site.

New developments of useful details such as ruler pockets equip the whole series for a busy and demanding working day. Everyday the workwear must simply function so the wearer gets maximum benefits and feels safe and comfortable at all times.

All the ranges products are approved in accordance with EN471 and many of them are also Teflon ®-treated.

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  • MASCOT safety clothes - Supreme & Young
  • Camina 09035-025-A49
Espinho 09079-860-A49
Melgaco 09069-860-A49
Crato 50402-856-18
Mirandela 09009-860-A49
Britelo 09031-860-A49
Antas 09001-183-A49
Espinho 09079-860-A49
Mascot Safe Young
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  • Mirandela 09009-860-A49
Britelo 09031-860-A49

Mascot Safe Young
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